Ben Fuller ’21 | Editor-in-Chief

Major: Math, Computer Science

Other Activities: Concert Band, McKelvy Scholar


Andrew Hollander ’21 | Managing Editor

Major: Psychology and Spanish, WGSS Minor

Other Activities: WJRH, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity


Lucie Lagodich ’22 | News Editor

Major: Policy Studies, Minor in Geology

Other Activities: Student Government, Take Back the Tap, LEAP, Ski Team


Katie Frost ’22 | Arts and Culture Editor

Major: English and History

Other Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Choir


Craig Barbaro ’22 |  Co-Sports Editor

Major: Economics, Minor in English, History

Other Activities: Club Hockey, Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity


Caroline McParland ’23 |  Co-Sports Editor

Major: Biology, Minor in Writing

Other Activities: Her Campus, Tribeta Biological Honor Society


Mario Sanchez Castillo ’21 |  Contributing Editor

Major: English and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Other Activities: McKelvy Scholar


Deanna Hanchuk ’22 |  Co-Design Director

Major: Chemical Engineering and International Studies

Other Activities: Tour Guide, Student Government


Hayden Fisher ’22 |  Co-Design Director

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Other Activities: 


Elle Cox ’21 | Photo Editor

Major: Psychology and Art

Other Activities: ABC, CAPA Scholar, TA for photography


Sam Jeske ’21 | Copy Editor

Major: Government and Law

Other Activities: WA, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity


Scotlyn Mummert ’22 | Copy Editor

Major: Government and Law, Minor in English

Other Activities: WA, Women in Law

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