When sports gets political: Why the Colin Kaepernicks of the world matter

I want to talk about Colin Kaepernick, except… I don’t. I’m not adding to the war of words that is being waged regarding his choice to take a stand by not standing. What I actually want to talk about is when sports transcends the realm of athletically-gifted people competing against each other and enters the […]

Underdogs across the pond: A small club has a chance to become first small club in decades to become champs

Leicester: Pronuncation: \ˈles-tər\ or Part of speech: Noun Definition: An English soccer team you’ve probably never heard of that happens to be on the verge of winning the Barclays Premier League. If you walk down the street in an American city and ask a random person to name an English soccer team, there’s a good chance he […]