Mike’d Up: The emergence of Cam Newton and the best pickup basketball game ever

The Carolina Panthers sit at 7-3 in large part to the emergence of their former No. 1 overall draft pick. Kelley: Cam Newton… wildly talented but wildly immature. It seems as though, in his third season, that he has begun to solve the immaturity dilemma. Self-nicknamed “Ace Boogie”, Mr. Boogie appears to be the next […]

Mike’d Up: Pop Warner loses participants and the new guard in college hoops

Football’s concussion controversies have taken a toll on the lowest levels of the sport, and Pop Warner participation is down. Is the sport in danger? Kowaleski: Mike, I’ve always considered the reports of football’s demise to be greatly exaggerated. The modern day Roman Coliseum culture that America has built around the sport has been and […]

Mike’d Up: Bullying issues in Miami and church league suspension

The bullying case in the Dolphins’ organization has spurred debate among the NFL and its fans. Kelley: This situation becomes more interesting and increasingly stranger each day. Reports emerged on Tuesday night saying Miami coaches instructed Richie Incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin. Head coach Joe Philbin has maintained that he was unaware of the […]

Mike’d Up: Derrick Rose versus Robert Griffin III: Comparison of recovery timetables

Kelley: Two superstars. Two devastating knee injuries. Rose opted for a longer recovery. RGIII instead participated in an ESPN documentary detailing his speedy return to NFL stadiums. Rose frustrated NBA fans last season during the playoffs when his Bulls took the floor without him. Rather than run the point, Rose sported a suit and acted […]

Mike’d Up: NFL season predictions and Pirates playoff baseball?

Kowaleski: NFC East: Eagles NFC North: Packers NFC West: 49ers NFC South: Saints NFC Wildcard #1: Falcons NFC Wildcard #2: Rams AFC East: Patriots AFC North: Ravens AFC West: Broncos AFC South: Texans AFC Wildcard #1: Chiefs AFC Wildcard #2: Steelers NFC Champion: 49ers AFC Champion: Patriots NFL Champion: 49ers MVP: Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos […]