Letter to the Editor

In response to last week’s op-ed, “The need for the appearance of fairness in the event competition,”Lafayette College Student Government would like to take this opportunity to briefly address a few criticisms levied against us. To preface this, we take our roles as the stewards of student money seriously and have been more transparent than […]

The need for the appearance of fairness in the event competition

By Ivan Evtimuv Contributing Writer Lafayette College Student Government has no small responsibility. Not only do the 15 elected representatives have to be a voice of the students to the administration, but they also manage a sizeable amount of funds—several hundred thousand dollars that come in from an individual mandatory contribution each student pays in […]

Hand over the bacon

Why the latest World Health Organization report is not as alarming as you think By Morgan Levy ‘19 Contributing Writer “Processed meat causes cancer? Eat llama instead, says Bolivia’s health ministry.” “Bad Day For Bacon: Processed Meats Cause Cancer, WHO Says.” Looking at headlines after the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer, […]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I am responding to the article “Not Consented, Not Reported” published on April 17, 2015 and to the anonymous account of a sexual assault survivor’s experience at the Counseling Center. As college counseling center psychologists, we are dedicated to providing all students with a safe and supportive environment in which they can […]

147 is not just a number

Raymond Machira ‘15 Contributing Writer On the morning of April 2, armed terrorists stormed Garissa University and proceeded to lay to waste 147 young lives. This was a tragedy of monumental proportions to their families, friends and the whole nation of Kenya. Watching these events was difficult for the Kenyans on campus. Most of the […]

Letter to the Editor

As newspaper advisor during the time when alleged “mismanagement” took place, I flatly deny the contention that funds were used illegitimately. It is bad enough that student government came up with this unverified charge to justify the newspaper’s request for survival funds, but now it seems the newspaper has accepted the validity of the charge. […]

Letter to the Editor

Re “Professor speaks on Russian foreign policy for lecture series” (Oct. 24, page 4), I was flattered and delighted to see that you had included an article about my presentation. However, as I read the article I became increasingly dismayed, because the substance of my talk was not accurately reported. Two particular things stood out. […]