Editorial: Why The Lafayette should be able to contact student-athletes directly

Athletic department officials have recently notified their student-athletes of a change in procedure: inquiries from The Lafayette are to go through the athletic communications division. While the department has not put this in writing as an official policy, and there is no penalty for violating it, it is becoming standard procedure which our reporters have […]

Opinion: While Lafayette makes slow and steady accessibility progress, getting around campus with physical disability remains difficult

Ever imagined living on campus with a walking disability? I hadn’t. My first problem was my living situation. My old dorm room was up three flights of stairs and was near impossible for me to climb up to after my injury. The Office of Residence Life was accommodating and found me a new room over […]

Op-ed: Student government funding decision lacks consideration of racial, historical context

According to Student Government’s mission statement, this acting body “allocates funds to student groups and organizations and do so in the best interest of the student body.” Their recent decision to deny the request of the Association of Black Collegians and the Hispanic Society at Lafayette to fund the purchase of kente stoles for graduating […]

Skillman computers and printers programmed to fail when students need them most

An anonymous source from inside Lafayette’s IT department revealed the college’s secret plan to punish students who procrastinate. Reportedly, the computers in Skillman have been purposefully programmed to detect how close students are to their deadlines, and when students are really pushing it, the devices shut down. The first step in this sinister plot was […]

Incoming editor-in-chief returns from study abroad to find newspaper disbanded

Incoming editor-in-chief ClaireBear ’20 returned home from South America after studying abroad to find The Lafayette newsroom completely barren of all things newspaper. Excited to be reunited with her colleagues, ClaireBear walked in to find a different student organization in the middle of a board meeting. “I’m so confused,” ClaireBear said. “This is when we […]