Students voice concerns over expansion

College officials stood before students this week answering questions about opposition to the college’s expansion and inquiries into how the college is going about it. Some students left unsatisfied. Attendee Danya Kats ’19 asked presenters Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski and Vice President of Campus Life Annette Diorio about the lack of […]

Bad vibrations: Integrated Sciences Center construction disrupts classes

Looking down from the window from the fourth floor of Acopian, one can see the skeleton of the Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center beginning to form, but with the extensive construction comes noise that has disrupted classes in the Acopian Engineering Center. Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski said he was aware of one […]

College reroutes and expands sidewalk to honor more donors

The sidewalk construction project going on behind Pardee Hall, with costs at $200,000, is meant to expand the Société d’Honneur Plaza and provide more space to recognize donors who have made significant gifts to the college, Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski said. The project is being funded by both the college and […]

The oldest rivalry in college football endures 133 years later

In 1884–the same year that Harry Truman was born, the cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty was laid and Mark Twain wrote the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn–Lafayette College and Lehigh University met for the first time to play football at the Easton Athletic Grounds, starting college football’s Most Played Rivalry. One hundred and thirty-three years […]

GOP proposed endowment tax may de-incentivize donors, hurt Lafayette’s annual fund

The United States House of Representatives has released the proposed “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which would require private universities with assets of more than $100,000 per student to pay a 1.4 percent excise tax on their net investment income, Business Insider reported. Lafayette’s current endowment is $810 million, and enrollment is around 2500 students. This […]

The evolution of a tradition: Homecoming through the years

One hundred and forty-three years after the first “impromptu” gathering in Pardee Auditorium on October 21, 1874, Lafayette College will once again be celebrating homecoming, previously known as “Founder’s Day.” This weekend continues an array of traditions that have evolved in purpose and spirit throughout the years. The first Founder’s Day in 1874 was the first […]

Tenure process changes implemented this fall after approval at end of spring

The president and the promotion and tenure review committee (PTR) will now work directly together when evaluating tenure cases of professors, instead of the president making a recommendation after receiving the PTR’s. Motions for changes to the tenure review process were approved for the current school year this past May. These changes came as a […]

Expansion plan setback: Lafayette’s land development plans not recommended for approval

The Easton Planning Commission voted 5 to 1 to recommend that Lafayette’s subdivision and land development plan not be approved for their new dormitories on McCartney Street. The Easton Zoning Board receives their recommendation and has final say on approval, but the college can withdraw their plans from consideration by the board. While the dorms may […]