Faculty motions to give Rojo tenure

Faculty voted overwhelmingly to urge the board of trustees to uphold the tenure review committee’s recommendation to grant professor Juan Rojo tenure in a special faculty meeting Tuesday, several sources confirmed. Sources confirmed that attendees were told they could face serious sanctions if they discuss the contents of the meeting, even with their spouses. The […]

‘Centerpiece of the world’: College to lease space in NYC

What began with a suggestion from arts professor Robert Mattison at a luncheon held by President Alison Byerly three years ago has resulted in what is to soon become the first Lafayette-exclusive space in New York City. Mattison was the catalyst for the New York Initiative, which is the catch-all title for Lafayette’s effort to […]

College: Expansion aims to ultimately increase affordability

Lafayette announced plans over the summer to expand on College Hill and in Easton, including several new buildings, more competitive faculty salaries and increasing enrollment at Lafayette by 400 by 2025 – without higher tuition increases. The goal that ties it all together, according to President Alison Byerly and Vice President of Finance Roger Demareski, is increasing the […]

College holds public meeting with Easton community

Lafayette College’s credentials as a good neighbor were called into question last night when more than 100 college hill residents turned out for a public hearing on the college’s proposed major campus expansion, held in the Pfenning Alumni Center. Calling one of the college’s past expansions, the student residence at 512 March Street, an “architectural disaster,” […]

A solid investment: College club holds its own against real-world stock indexes

On March 23, the Lafayette College Investment Club was in good company on the webpages of CNN Money, next to articles about a dip in Nike’s stock, a spike in oil prices and Starbucks’ CEO’s stances on America’s political climate. The article highlighted the longest-running investment club in America’s success over the years. The group’s advisor, professor […]

Mind the gap: Representation and salary disparities between male and female professors

Prompted by faculty concerns of potentially unequal wages between men and women employees, Professor of Economics and chair of the Faculty Compensation Committee Chris Ruebeck put together a report for Lafayette faculty dealing with two main issues of the gender wage gap: representation and salary. According to data published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, male full professors […]

College announces tuition increase: One percentage of increase to go toward need-based financial aid

Over the spring break, the college announced the largest increase in total billed expenses for the college since President Alison Byerly took office. The four percent increase of tuition, along with room and board, comes after a three percent increase last year. One percent of this year’s increase in total billed expenses will go toward need-based financial aid. […]

McKelvy goes to Istanbul: Unexpected funds prompt spring break trip

With midterms coming to a close, 11 students and three faculty advisors affiliated with the McKelvy House at Lafayette, are preparing to head on an international spring break trip. The group will be spending six days in Istanbul, Turkey, immersing themselves in a culture that they have been discussing for half a semester. Professor Rachel Goshgarian, the faculty […]

College under contract to buy property for Bushkill campus

The college has plans to buy property on Bushkill Drive to make new space for facilities operations, public safety and student parking. The property, which is next to the Hummel Lumber site near Fisher Stadium, is under contract by the college and environmental tests and inspections are being done before it is purchased. Vice President […]

Recommendation to reallocate funds from Posse delayed two to three years

By Christina Shaman ’16 and William Gordon ’17 The recommendation to reallocate funds from Posse D.C. to need-based financial aid has been delayed two to three years, according to an email sent out by President Alison Byerly to Posse scholars at Lafayette College. The decision to delay comes after two open-forums, held Wednesday and Thursday, […]