At Lafayette, a wealth gap with a chance of mobility

Only 38 colleges in the country have more students from the top 1 percent than the bottom 60 percent. Lafayette ranks 11th in this group for the greatest income gap, according to recently released data. Millions of anonymous tax records collected by the Equality of Opportunity Project and published through the New York Times revealed for first time in […]

Skyway secures $1.5 million, seeks $3 million more

Lafayette College announced Tuesday that the plans for building an elevator between campus and downtown Easton have come $1.5 million closer to its $9.6-million reality. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania awarded Lafayette a grant from the state’s pool devoted to annual economic development projects. Lafayette applied for about $3 million in funding and presented before the state government […]

Capital campaign on target to potentially reach goal early

Two years ago, on a historic Laf-Lehigh rivalry weekend, Lafayette announced that the public portion of the capital campaign could reach $400 million by 2018. With $327 million already in the bucket, college officials said they are now performing above their target. The campaign, which has undergone six years of a private phase and two years of a […]

Admissions denies ethics violation after accepting perks from education company

After a Reuters report put Lafayette admissions in the spotlight for accepting perks in exchange for admissions help, admissions officers have denied both giving a special advantage to students and breaching the college’s code of ethics. Both Dean of Admissions Matt Hyde and Associate Director Eugene Gabay accepted benefits in exchange for leading two workshops about […]

Class of 2017 commencement gift adds to Brian Keller Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Class of 2017 Commencement Gift Committee recently announced a donation will be made to the Brian Keller Memorial Scholarship fund. The scholarship was established last year by the Class of 2016’s commencement gift following the tragic death of Brian Keller ’16, a member of the football team and a mechanical engineer. All students regardless of major are […]

College, Easton police step up liquor law, jaywalking enforcement

Dean of Students Paul J. McLoughlin II sent an email across campus early this semester notifying students that Easton police would increase off-campus enforcement of two things: jay-walking and public intoxication. The shift is the second part of a two-year, $35,530 grant the college received from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to curb “high-risk” drinking, or drinking that may threaten […]

‘It’s fresh food. It’s local food’: Twin Maple Farms delivers fresh potatoes to dining halls

It’s potato season in Lehigh Valley, and Twin Maple Farms owner Gary Hunsicker has planted more than enough Lehigh Valley Gold potatoes to be harvested – some of which will soon arrive to the dining halls at Lafayette College. Campus Executive Chef John Soder has been getting this specific brand of potatoes from Twin Maple Farms for three […]

Faculty motions to give Rojo tenure

Faculty voted overwhelmingly to urge the board of trustees to uphold the tenure review committee’s recommendation to grant professor Juan Rojo tenure in a special faculty meeting Tuesday, several sources confirmed. Sources confirmed that attendees were told they could face serious sanctions if they discuss the contents of the meeting, even with their spouses. The […]

‘Centerpiece of the world’: College to lease space in NYC

What began with a suggestion from arts professor Robert Mattison at a luncheon held by President Alison Byerly three years ago has resulted in what is to soon become the first Lafayette-exclusive space in New York City. Mattison was the catalyst for the New York Initiative, which is the catch-all title for Lafayette’s effort to […]