College considers leasing new dorms to avoid taking on more debt

The college is considering funding the new McCartney Street Dorms through a student housing development firm. If the Board of Trustees approves this model, known as a Public-Private-Partnership or P-three deal, students housed in the dorms would lease their dorms from the firm, not from the college. Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski said […]

College discusses raising minimum wage, says that it is possible to adjust budget for it

Student government president-elect Fraynette Familia ‘20 is pushing to bring minimum wage for students to $8, an effort that has been ongoing since last November. Student government’s Equity and Inclusion Committee, which will be under the leadership of Eduardo Rodriguez-Gomez ‘22 in the coming fall semester, has been spearheading the effort. President Alison Byerly said that the […]

Take a walk on the safer side: How a ‘town-gown’ initiative is making College’s Hill’s pedestrians safer

The college has received a $1 million grant from the state of Pennsylvania which it will be using to renovate sidewalks on and around campus and improve pedestrian safety. This comes after the college received $1.4 million from the state in 2016 for the same purpose. Lafayette applied for the grant in partnership with the […]

With new Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid, Lafayette looks to broaden socioeconomic diversity

Money in college admissions is a hot topic at the moment — with the indictment of wealthy parents for bribing and cheating their children’s way into elite schools, some have pointed out the contrast between such crimes and the all-time high of student loan debt in the country. In this societal context, Lafayette is working […]

Student government committee pushes to set minimum wage for student workers higher than state requirement

The Equity and Inclusion committee of Student Government is undertaking a campaign to raise the minimum wage on campus. The proposal is to set the minimum wage of students employed by the college to $8 an hour, although members of the committee have discussed pushing for as high as $10 an hour. Director of the […]

College unveils ‘ambitious’ new Climate Action Plan, aims for carbon neutrality

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the Lafayette College Climate Action Plan 2.0 last Saturday, thereby committing the college to go carbon neutral by 2035. Chair of the Board Robert Sell and President Alison Byerly said they were both impressed with the presentation of the plan put on by the Climate Action Plan committee members, […]

While college’s capital campaign exceeded total $400 million target, some categories fell short of goals

The college’s capital campaign “Live Connected, Lead Change,” the public phase of which officially launched in December 2014 and ended in December 2018, surpassed its goal of $400 million by $25 million, according to Vice President of Development and College Relations Kim Spang. According to Spang, over 27,000 donors contributed to the final $425 million. […]

Economist Michelle Lowry discusses issues of corporate finance, investment decisions

For their final seminar of the semester, the economics department welcomed Professor Michelle Lowry, the TD Bank Professor of Finance at the LeBow School of Business at Drexel University to present her research on investors’ attention to and perceptions of corporate governance. Lowry’s research focuses on issues within empirical corporate finance, such as initial public […]

Library purchases 14 collections from Digital National Security Archive

Lafayette is now home to 14 recently declassified Digital National Security Archive collections, after the college purchased them for an undisclosed price. Topics included in the archives range from the space race and the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War to United States foreign policy decisions throughout the twentieth century. The archives were recently […]

College reroutes and expands sidewalk to honor more donors

The sidewalk construction project going on behind Pardee Hall, with costs at $200,000, is meant to expand the Société d’Honneur Plaza and provide more space to recognize donors who have made significant gifts to the college, Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski said. The project is being funded by both the college and […]

GOP proposed endowment tax may de-incentivize donors, hurt Lafayette’s annual fund

The United States House of Representatives has released the proposed “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which would require private universities with assets of more than $100,000 per student to pay a 1.4 percent excise tax on their net investment income, Business Insider reported. Lafayette’s current endowment is $810 million, and enrollment is around 2500 students. This […]