Poet, philosophy professor Owen McLeod debuts poetry collection ‘Dream Kitchen’

A philosophy professor at the college, Owen McLeod has shown his strong poetic background through his various published works and recent debut poetry collection “Dream Kitchen.” The collection was awarded the 2018 Vassar Miller Prize in poetry by the University of North Texas Press.  “Dream Kitchen” explores themes of grief, family, mental health, the human soul, […]

International students in American education system: workshop aims to educate faculty members on inclusive teaching

More international students are enrolling into American colleges than ever before, according to the Power of International Education. As Lafayette follows this trend, there is a growing push to help professors make their classrooms as inclusive as possible. The Power of International Education’s data shows that 1,094,792 international students have enrolled in American colleges in […]

Lafayette College hopes to fill position for Director of Sustainability this summer

Marie Fechik-Kirk, former Director of Sustainability, left her position at Lafayette College last month. Lafayette is currently searching for a new director and plans to have a replacement by this summer, according to Roger Demareski, Vice President for Finance and Administration. “[Fechik-Kirk’s] role was so important, so critical, because it spans administrative and academic roles, […]

A couple bad apples: campus dining locations marked for ‘critical’ violations in inspections

Gilbert’s Café and Farinon College Center recently received violations in a Feb. 26 food safety inspection that are classified as “foodborne illness risk factors.” Marquis Dining Hall received “good retail practices” violations, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) food safety inspection database. The violations at Gilbert’s and Farinon amounted to a few “soiled” […]

With new Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid, Lafayette looks to broaden socioeconomic diversity

Money in college admissions is a hot topic at the moment — with the indictment of wealthy parents for bribing and cheating their children’s way into elite schools, some have pointed out the contrast between such crimes and the all-time high of student loan debt in the country. In this societal context, Lafayette is working […]

After sustainability office’s first-ever director steps down, push for greener campus continues

Marie Fechik-Kirk, former Director of Sustainability, left her position at Lafayette College a few weeks ago, after arriving at Lafayette in November 2016. She said she worked to bring all facets of the college together, from the custodial staff to the board of trustees, to improve sustainability on campus as a whole. Nick DeSalvo, the Campus […]

Toward a healthier campus culture surrounding sexual assault: panelists discuss resources and challenges

Student board members of Pards Against Sexual Assault (PASA) told a packed audience on Wednesday that “we are all participating in the culture surrounding sexual misconduct.” Dean of Conduct Jennifer Dize and Educational Equity Coordinator Jessica Brown joined Reeve Lanigan ’19 and Nahin Ferdousi ’19 of PASA in a panel discussion on sexual assault Wednesday […]

Blackness in Shakespearean works: English professor Ian Smith discusses class on dispelling ‘racial blind spots’

This past week, English Professor Ian Smith orchestrated a symposium on a previously taught class of his, Black Shakespeare. Smith described the course’s aim to acknowledge that there is evidence of blackness in Shakespearean plays, adding that the class aims to “slowly, carefully make those [ideas] visible so we can begin to see them,” he said […]

All the colors of the rainbow and beyond: Professor Michael Butler discusses research in Jones Lecture

“Green is in the eye of the beholder,” quipped biology professor Michael Butler, before going on to explain the true nature of color as a spectrum of photons. Butler celebrated gaining tenure by giving a lecture on one of his areas of research: color in the animal kingdom. The talk, “Colorful Animals in a Challenging […]

With a love for teaching and for the college, Dean of Faculty John Meier talks stepping into provost role in July

Current Dean of Faculty John Meier will be replacing Abu Rizvi as Provost of the college starting on July 1. Meier has moved into numerous administrative positions in recent years and has contributed to many of the college’s ongoing initiatives while continuing his original role as a math professor. Meier is currently in his 27th […]

College offers early retirement incentive: reassessment of any vacated positions to follow

The college is offering an early retirement incentive to its senior employees, motivated in part by Lafayette’s ongoing expansion plan. The program is intended to allow the college more flexibility in assessing existing staff positions. The incentive consists of a one-time payment equal to 25 percent of annual base pay, as well as an additional […]

Faculty ad hoc committee to make annual recommendations on expansion: committee members to be chosen in coming weeks

The faculty governance committee passed a motion on Tuesday to officially solidify the duties of the ad hoc committee on expansion, and to hold a special election for faculty who will be on it. This committee will be taking over the responsibility of monitoring the expansion from the Faculty Academic Policy Committee (FAP). The governance […]