Faculty to be more focused in expansion oversight as demolition on McCartney Street to begin this month

Walking past the site for the college’s new four-story McCartney Street dorm in the coming weeks, students may notice the presence of fences as the area’s transformation commences, and the family-style homes begin to disappear. In early December, the college received permission from the Easton Planning Commission to begin the first part of its expansion […]

How Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’ has impacted the life of professor Walter Wadiak

Although English professor Walter Wadiak’s passion is focused on the medieval era, he is particularly fond of Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse” because of how it changed his perspective on life. Wadiak received a Ph.D. from UC-Irvine and his teaching interests revolve around medieval literature. He is the author of “Savage Economy: The Returns of […]

Author, English professor, lifelong reader Jennifer Gilmore speaks on what inspires her

English professor Jennifer Gilmore presented a reading from her most recent novel “If Only” on Monday. Two narratives woven into one, the young adult novel is a story about adoption and imagining the different paths one’s life could take. “If Only” follows Bridget, a mother who is forced to give her daughter up for adoption. The […]

Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement on how literature taught her gratitude

By completing an assignment she was less than excited for in college, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement Melissa Dalrymple found a new outlook on gratitude. At the time, Melissa was a senior at East Stroudsburg University and was going through the limitless stress that seniors normally undergo during their final year of college. […]

Using art and science together to “become more holistically connected to the world”

“I made paintings that in some way paint themselves,” art professor and acclaimed artist Ed Kerns said. He added that his works do not use perspectives of distance, saying, “they use emergent principals to produce images that paint themselves. And if you see the paintings, you’ll see that.” Kerns is a painter whose work has been […]

Dean Hunt discusses his journey through literature with “The Souls of Black Folks,” “Raisin in the Sun”

“The Souls of Black Folks”(1903), by W. E. B. Du Bois has helped Dean of Equity and Inclusion Christopher Hunt make his experience as a black man feel less isolating. Having read “The Souls of Black Folks” during his undergraduate career, Dean Hunt said that it showed him “what was potentially ahead of me.” “W. E. […]

Jones Lecture discusses value of history in modern East Asia

Bringing expertise in East Asia and international security, government and law professor Seo-Hyun Park tackled a pressing question in academia: will history repeat itself? Her answer: both yes and no. In her lecture, Park drew parallels between 19th century security in East Asia and modern day security challenges that face the region. She then posed […]

New director of IDEAL center aims to promote ‘a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship’

After a dormant year, the Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (IDEAL) is back on track with Yusuf Dahl taking the lead as the program’s new director.  “Our main goal is to build, nurture and sustain a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. All of our programs are designed to empower students, facilitating their abilities […]

Tenure process changes implemented this fall after approval at end of spring

The president and the promotion and tenure review committee (PTR) will now work directly together when evaluating tenure cases of professors, instead of the president making a recommendation after receiving the PTR’s. Motions for changes to the tenure review process were approved for the current school year this past May. These changes came as a […]