Vote on Cattell and McCartney buildings postponed two weeks: College, city and community continue to discuss concerns

In a meeting between the college, the city and neighbors from College Hill last Thursday, a collective decision was made to postpone the Easton City Council vote for the ordinance changes originally scheduled for this Wednesday for two more weeks, Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski said. The ordinance changes are necessary for […]

College aims to compromise with concerned Easton residents, proposes reevaluation of dorm project

In response to continued pushback from College Hill residents in regards to the McCartney Dorm Project, the college publicly announced its willingness to concede 30 percent of the beds of the new housing project and reevaluate the use of the land on the corner of Cattell and High Streets. Vice President of Finance and Administration […]

Easton Mayor confirms support for expansion, next public hearing March 8

Earlier this month, Easton Mayor Sal Panto and City Council affirmed their support for the Lafayette expansion project, and Panto said he was working on writing ordinances to clarify some of the issues that the Easton Planning Commission identified with the McCartney dorm project. The college originally planned to open the new dorms for fall […]

Students voice concerns over expansion

College officials stood before students this week answering questions about opposition to the college’s expansion and inquiries into how the college is going about it. Some students left unsatisfied. Attendee Danya Kats ’19 asked presenters Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski and Vice President of Campus Life Annette Diorio about the lack of […]

College Hill residents push back on expansion: “Keep it in your campus” and save the neighborhood

Some College Hill residents have found a new way to tell Lafayette that they don’t want its new dormitories in their neighborhood. Organizer of the “Save College Hill” and runner of the Facebook page, Lafayette professor and city planner Paul Felder said he has received 40 requests for signs that read “Save College Hill,” “Keep it […]

Expansion plan setback: Lafayette’s land development plans not recommended for approval

The Easton Planning Commission voted 5 to 1 to recommend that Lafayette’s subdivision and land development plan not be approved for their new dormitories on McCartney Street. The Easton Zoning Board receives their recommendation and has final say on approval, but the college can withdraw their plans from consideration by the board. While the dorms may […]

Expansion to improve market position with need-blindness

Roughly three years ago, the college put together a task force to grapple with the slow increase in enrollment they observed. Class sizes had been growing by about 10 people every year to deal with budgetary pressures. The committee of professors and administrators asked, should Lafayette stop the gradual creep? Should Lafayette decrease enrollment? Should Lafayette […]

College gets green light to build McCartney dorm

After several months of neighborhood pushback, the Easton City Council has approved Lafayette’s plans to build new dormitories on McCartney Street. The council voted four to two in favor of the zoning amendments needed for the plans. The college asked the city council to allow it to build 55-foot “mixed use” dormitories on McCartney Street. A diner and […]

Expansion plans vote postponed, more concerns voiced

There was no vote on Lafayette’s expansion plans at the Easton City Council meeting Wednesday, but community members and college representatives still took four hours to dispute and discuss the college’s proposed expansion plans. College Hill residents voiced concerns at the meeting that there was no foreseeable way to stop the college from buying more properties and […]

College’s plans met with resistance from Easton commission

The Easton Planning Commission capped off a six-hour meeting with a 3-2 vote against recommending the college’s proposed zoning amendment for its expansion. The college came to the meeting with two proposals: the plans for modular housing on the March Field parking lots and the changes to the zoning amendment. The planning commission voted unanimously to […]

College to cut 60 off-campus parking permits

Lafayette College announced at Easton’s most recent planning commission meeting that it intends to decrease off-campus parking to accommodate other changes linked to its expansion. The college intends to cut its student residential parking permits by almost a quarter, from 250 to 190. Additionally, parking at Clinton Terrace will become the city’s property and metered parking […]