The move downtown: Lafayette’s name on four floors in the Alpha Building

Lafayette departments have now taken over three floors – soon to be four – of the Alpha Building in downtown Easton. With admissions joining Information Technology Services, community engagement and communications downtown on Wednesday, Lafayette will shortly occupy floors three, four, five and six of the building. Vice President and Chief Information Officer John O’Keefe said that despite the […]

Skyway secures $1.5 million, seeks $3 million more

Lafayette College announced Tuesday that the plans for building an elevator between campus and downtown Easton have come $1.5 million closer to its $9.6-million reality. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania awarded Lafayette a grant from the state’s pool devoted to annual economic development projects. Lafayette applied for about $3 million in funding and presented before the state government […]

College postpones start of new dorm construction

The college’s planned onset of construction of its $46 million expansion plans has been postponed from this spring to next fall. Concerns have been voiced from the community about the impact it would have on the aesthetic of the College Hill neighborhood. Paul Felder, a neighborhood liaison who has been working with Lafayette since September, said that […]

Q&A with Easton Mayor Panto: Expansion plan, elevator, clowns

Easton Mayor Sal Panto, Jr. recently moved his offices from the Alpha Building in Centre Square to a new building on Third Street. Then for the first time, 85 Lafayette staff members moved into the Alpha Building as part of the college’s restructuring. Now, with Lafayette planning to break ground next summer on construction that stretches further […]

College, Easton police step up liquor law, jaywalking enforcement

Dean of Students Paul J. McLoughlin II sent an email across campus early this semester notifying students that Easton police would increase off-campus enforcement of two things: jay-walking and public intoxication. The shift is the second part of a two-year, $35,530 grant the college received from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to curb “high-risk” drinking, or drinking that may threaten […]

Easton farm keeping it fresh: Real Gardens Farm delivers vegetables to dining halls

Real Gardens Farm owner Theresa Richards often delivers her farm’s food – tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and many other vegetables – to Lafayette’s campus within a day of harvesting it. After working with Richards since last school year, Lafayette College Executive Chef John Soder said he easily recognizes her passion for freshness and love of farming. “You can […]

‘It’s fresh food. It’s local food’: Twin Maple Farms delivers fresh potatoes to dining halls

It’s potato season in Lehigh Valley, and Twin Maple Farms owner Gary Hunsicker has planted more than enough Lehigh Valley Gold potatoes to be harvested – some of which will soon arrive to the dining halls at Lafayette College. Campus Executive Chef John Soder has been getting this specific brand of potatoes from Twin Maple Farms for three […]

College holds public meeting with Easton community

Lafayette College’s credentials as a good neighbor were called into question last night when more than 100 college hill residents turned out for a public hearing on the college’s proposed major campus expansion, held in the Pfenning Alumni Center. Calling one of the college’s past expansions, the student residence at 512 March Street, an “architectural disaster,” […]

Easton resident arrested for trespassing on campus

Two weeks ago, a previous trespasser on Lafayette property returned to campus and was arrested on site, according to a citation filed by public safety. Christopher Stutzner, 23, was warned by the college’s public safety not to return to campus when officers first caught him trespassing about a year ago, Director of Lafayette College Public Safety Jeff Troxell […]

On the ballot: Student Democrat in running for district delegate

In 2012, Edward O’Brien became the youngest delegate from New Jersey to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte County. He then served as New Jersey District Delegate for Obama’s second campaign. Now, after getting over 300 signatures, he’s back on the ballot. This time as a District Delegate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. O’Brien is running in the 17th congressional […]