Lafayette Symposium committee looks to support intellectual dialogue, not attack the marginalized

Embarking on its first semester, the three students of the Lafayette Symposium committee said they will be working to ensure that speakers brought by the committee do not hold views that attack the identities of marginalized students. Provost Abu Rizvi, chair of the committee, said that he thinks the committee will be able to represent […]

Formerly known as IDEAL, Dyer Center persists with entrepreneurial mission under new name

Over the past several years, Lafayette has made an effort to create a program that works exclusively to develop student’s entrepreneurial passions and skills through the creation of the Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A year under director Yusuf Dahl’s leadership, the Dyer Center recently changed it’s name from the IDEAL Center as a […]

Hill’s Kitchen owner maintains dedication to community, emphasizes freshness and accessibility

Hill’s Kitchen, which sits at the corner of Cattell and W Monroe Streets, may have replaced College Hill’s local diner, but the food and style of Tracy’s lives on through long-time chef and Hill’s Kitchen’s new owner, Stephanie Merlo. Back in April 2018 Merlo made the decision to buy the restaurant from Tracy and convert […]

Democracy Challenged: The new face of the Republican Party: leaderless, disengaged, and in disarray

The Republican party faces a political identity crisis. With the death of Senator John McCain, the nation is stripped of the last true ‘maverick’ of the Senate. No other Republican has the gall and determination needed to return the senate to ‘regular order.’ What’s left is gallivanting politicians, only aiming to make the next news cycle. As an independent-minded […]

Economics lecture considers migration effects on Mexican labor markets

While migration from Mexico into the United States and the affect on the American job market is regularly discussed, and regularly in the news cycle, Dr. Sarah Pearlman has been looking into the effects of migration patterns in the opposite direction. This past Monday, the Economics Department welcomed Pearlman, who teaches courses on econometrics and […]

Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement on how literature taught her gratitude

By completing an assignment she was less than excited for in college, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement Melissa Dalrymple found a new outlook on gratitude. At the time, Melissa was a senior at East Stroudsburg University and was going through the limitless stress that seniors normally undergo during their final year of college. […]

Lifelong Leopard takes over as Chair of the Board: Robert Sell ’84 talks expansion, diversity, board’s role

Newly elected chair of the Board of Trustees Robert Sell ’84 was a Lafayette Leopard from the start. With his father having graduated from the college in 1960, Sell attended his first Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry game at the ripe age of 10 months old and never looked back. Having a far-reaching memory of the college and […]

Menu changes expand dietary options, improve freshness and quality

Food fuels Lafayette, and recent menu changes have received positive feedback as several dining locations make an effort to be more dietarily accommodating and healthy. According to Carolyn Karwick, Resident District Manager of Dining Services, “menus are planned to take advantage of the season for the freshest possible product available for purchase with menu changes daily.” […]

Lafayette reaffirms commitment to Affirmative Action after federal policy reversal

As Lafayette’s most diverse class formed over the summer, the Trump administration reversed President Barack Obama’s policy on affirmative action in colleges and universities. Affirmative action policies, according to the Nation Conference of State Legislatures, are those in which an institution or organization actively engages in efforts to improve opportunities for historically excluded groups. Consequently, […]