Lafayette joins Pennsylvania leaders encouraging clean energy policies: Phase one of Climate Action Plan partially achieved

As climate change continues to be a pressing issue around the world, some Pennsylvania businesses and institutions are taking a stand and reaching out to their elected representatives in Harrisburg in a letter encouraging state lawmakers to support policies that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, clean-energy economy. Lafayette was among the 18 parties to […]

An ‘unfortunate mishap’: professor, PBS commentator speaks to voting machine malfunction

Shortly after the polls closed on November 5 in Northampton Country, where Lafayette is located, the county election offices began to notice abnormalities in the vote counts for the judge’s race between the Democrat Abe Kassis, and their opponent, the Republican Victor Scomillio. “[Kassis] had just 164 votes out of 55,000 ballots across more than 100 […]

RefAct members reframe ‘toxic conversation’ surrounding refugees in semesterly open meeting

Lafayette Refugee Action (RefAct) hosted their semesterly open meeting on Tuesday to engage students in a dialogue regarding the perception of refugees in the mainstream media. Danielle Gardner, the Co-President of RefAct, began the discussion with a brief introduction to the club. She said that RefAct is composed of two parts. The club holds events […]

The man behind the Barge Problem: Professor Jonathon Bloom contributes to long history of providing math challenges

For math professor Jonathon Bloom, Sunday mornings sometimes look a little out of the ordinary. He wakes up early, gets a cup of coffee in downtown Easton, and writes a creative story… centered around a math problem. Bloom, who has written the college’s historic Barge Problem since 2017, is the most recent professor to lead […]

A new battleground: How Lafayette fits in the divestment movement to fight climate change

Student climate change activists rushed the field to protest their university’s investments in fossil fuels at one of the oldest rivalries in college football last month. It was not at Laf-Lehigh. Harvard and Yale students disrupted the crowd at halftime of the Yale-Harvard football game on November 23, carrying signs like “Harvard and Yale complicit,” […]

College struggles to compete for professors as demand for computer science increases

The computer science (CS) department has been struggling to keep up with increasing student demand as the field of computer science has exploded nationwide over the past few years. The college has simultaneously found it challenging to retain professors who can often earn more outside of academia. “Every college and university has been having a […]

Government professors provide insight on recent public impeachment hearings

This past week saw the continuation of public hearings with several key testimonies in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump including the testimony of Gordon D. Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union on Wednesday. Sondland’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee directly implicated members of the Trump administration, including Trump himself, amongst […]

College to offer full-ride merit-based scholarships starting next year: Financial aid still the priority

Next year, Lafayette will begin a pilot version of the revamped Marquis scholarship program, which will offer full tuition for recipients of the Fellowship and half tuition for Scholars. Despite tuition increases, the amount for both the Fellowship and the Scholarship have remained unchanged since 2013, when the Marquis award was changed to $24,000 and […]

Math professor Trent Gaugler discusses work with supersonic planes, increasing importance of statistics

The famous supersonic commercial airliner Concorde made its final descent on October 24, 2003, ending a glorious age of supersonic flight. However, according to mathematics professor  Trent Gaugler, supersonic planes may rise again thanks in part to his ongoing research with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Penn State’s Applied Research, which is sponsored […]