A historic legacy: archivist Diane Shaw retires after three decades of growing college’s collections

For 33 years, Diane Shaw has served as a link between Lafayette and its history. Shaw, Director for Special Collections and College Archives, recently announced she will retire after the Fall 2018 semester. She will still be on campus during the spring semester “tying up loose ends” and finishing up a few projects, Shaw said. […]

Mister Lee’s Noodles named ’28 Best Ramen Restaurants’: attributes success to ‘fresh,’ ‘seasonal’ ingredients

Mister Lee’s Noodles in the Easton Public Market has recently been named to the list of the 28 Best Ramen Restaurants “from Coast to Coast” by the Food Network. The ranking comes around the same time that the popular downtown restaurant surpassed its record for most bowls sold in one day, selling 440 bowls, according […]

Local farmers discuss sustainability, organic farming: emphasize amount of resources, people behind production

The future of organic farming and issues surrounding land and water resources were discussed by a panel of local farmers following a partial screening of the film “Sustainable.” The event was held by the Lafayette Food and Farm Cooperative (LaFFCo), with a packed house in Buck Hall this past Tuesday. “Sustainable” describes the world as […]

McCartney dorm project receives final approval: Easton planning commission gives college the go-ahead to build

Lafayette received the last official approval it needed for the start of construction on phase one of its expansion plan—the mixed-use residence hall on McCartney Street. The Easton Planning Commission voted four to one to approve of the college’s land development plan on Wednesday night. In November, the college received preliminary approval for the plans […]

‘BirdSavers’ aim to prevent birds colliding with windows of buildings

About 150 to 180 birds have collided with buildings on campus with two story windows, such as Hugel, Skillman, and Kirby Sports Center, according to reports started in 2012 by biology professor Mike Butler and engineering professor David Brandes. 42 to 57 of these collisions happened at Skillman Library alone. Such birds include American Robins, […]

Economist Michelle Lowry discusses issues of corporate finance, investment decisions

For their final seminar of the semester, the economics department welcomed Professor Michelle Lowry, the TD Bank Professor of Finance at the LeBow School of Business at Drexel University to present her research on investors’ attention to and perceptions of corporate governance. Lowry’s research focuses on issues within empirical corporate finance, such as initial public […]

Students report illnesses from Ruef drinking water after sewage pipe bursts: college says any illnesses are ‘unrelated’

A burst sewer pipe in Ruef Hall last weekend resulted in the water being shut-off to the north side of the building. Major construction ensued on the building’s pipes for several days. Some students reported getting sick from drinking the water in Ruef, though the college reported that there was no contamination of drinking water. […]

With lawsuit settled between city and residents, college’s construction on McCartney to begin spring 2019

At a hearing this Tuesday, the College Hill residents and Lafayette College reached an agreement surround the college’s expansion projects, resulting the dismissal of the lawsuit between four Easton residents and the city that began in June. The four residents thought the process by which the city amended its zoning laws for the new dormitory […]

College’s sexual misconduct policies would see ‘significant changes’ under proposed federal rules

Some “significant changes” would have to be made to the college’s sexual misconduct policies if the new rules proposed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos relating to Title IX are implemented, said Jessica Brown, Educational Equity Coordinator who oversees Title IX policy at the college. The proposed rules from the Department of Education narrow what cases of […]

‘Why do we give people a platform?’: Mill Series hosts student activism advocate, students critique past events

The controversial Mill Series was under scrutiny this past Tuesday during their talk and discussion led by Angus Johnston, historian and advocate of student activism on campuses. He offered his views on who deserves a platform when engaging in intellectual discussions and debates. Johnston spoke for a half hour to a classroom of around 40 […]