Lafayette’s champion of affordability and first woman president reflects on eight years at the college

In her own words, President Alison Byerly has the “equivalent of two bachelor’s degrees”—eight years at the college has meant seeing two entirely different student bodies rotate through. As president, Byerly led the largest-ever capital campaign, oversaw the largest-ever capital project and saw the college’s endowment crest $1 billion. She also spearheaded initiatives to grow […]

Power sharing possible but uncertain for Greek Life committee directorship

Director of the Greek Life Committee Hank Scheffler ’22 may be sharing his title with another student next year. After weeks of drama over the only contested position on the executive board, creating a co-directorship for the Greek Life Committee has made the Student Government agenda. But the timeline and implementation are still uncertain. Scheffler […]

No resolution expected on impeachment: Zimmerman speaks out about the process

With the semester wrapping up, the impeachment process of current Student Government President Mary Zimmerman ’21 is expected to conclude without a final resolution. Members of the Student Government executive board attribute the inability to conclude the proceedings to timing issues, the unprecedented nature of the event as well as conflicting opinions from the student […]

Aaron O. Hoff Awards 2021: Highest Honors recipients speak on their impact

Last Monday, the Division of Campus life honored twenty-three students, faculty members and student organizations at the annual Hoff Awards. The ceremony, held in honor of Aaron O. Hoff, the first African-American student at Lafayette, recognizes their leadership, dedication and contributions to the College. Jeremiah Alterman ’23, Emily Ross ’22 and Fatimata Cham ’23 received […]

Sickness through the centuries: How Lafayette handled outbreaks from the Spanish flu to the swine flu

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from the first outbreak that Lafayette has faced throughout its history. How the College and the Lehigh Valley handled this pandemic and all pandemics past has been recorded and archived by both the College Archivist, Elaine Stomber, and the Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society, headquartered on Northampton Street. From […]

Letter from the Editor

To the Lafayette community, This past year was dense with history. We endured—and are enduring—a global pandemic. We witnessed a historical battle for the presidency, one whose echoes will be heard on campus and in the world for years to come. We saw an eruption of activism and protest against forces of oppression, spurred by […]