Movie Review: ‘Doctor Sleep’ achieves ‘dreamlike aesthetic,’ actors’ performance shines through

“Doctor Sleep,” the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “The Shining,” is here at last, taking place nearly 40 years after the original film. Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor) encounters young Abra Stone (Kyliegh Curran), who shares his psychic “shining” abilities. She comes to him after encountering a cult of vampiric psychics called […]

‘Harriet’ makes up for lost time, brings a personal perspective to history

While Americans anxiously wait for her to take Andrew Jackson’s place on the $20 bill, it is reassuring that director Kasi Lemmons and an incredible cast are making up for lost time by providing a solid cinematic portrayal of Harriet Tubman’s revolutionary story. “Harriet” details the heroic story of the most famous conductor of the […]

Movie Review: While ‘Gemini Man’ achieves advances in age reduction technology, character development, dialogue proves unsuccessful

After completing his 72nd job, the legendary sniper Henry Brogan (played by Will Smith) decides to retire. However, he is forced to flee after becoming the target of an elite assassin who can predict his every move. He comes to find that the hunter is a younger clone of himself, and it’s up to Brogan […]

Movie Review: A ‘bold new direction’ for comic book films: ‘The Joker’ takes risks, breaks tradition

“Joker” is DC’s most bold, fresh and original picture since 2008’s “Dark Knight.” While it will not be loved by all, it may serve as the perfect new starting point for DC’s future approach to its films. The world of comic book adaptations has predominantly centered around the works of Marvel (which owns Spiderman, X-Men […]

An ‘Americanized take on Mexican cuisine’: Mesa challenges tradition, offers a ‘satisfying experience’

If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, you may not find it at Mesa. Instead, you can expect a blend of American and Mexican tastes that create a great dining experience. When waiters bring the guacamole out and mix it tableside in a fancy mortar and pestle, you might feel that you stumbled into […]

Performance Review: ‘Vanity Fair’ echoes modern discourse on gender politics, actors give ‘riveting’ performance

While the #MeToo movement and self-branding in the internet age may seem irrelevant to early 19th-century British society, Kate Hamill’s modern adaptation of William Thackeray’s novel “Vanity Fair” (1848) seems to draw those modern parallels. Similarly, we see those same parallels at Lafayette’s production of “Vanity Fair.” “Vanity Fair” centers around the story of two […]

Album Review: Post Malone continues his dominance of pop music with ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding,’ takes successful musical risks

Nothing about Post Malone’s face tattoos, flashy jewelry and lyrics about drinking and drug use, indicate that he is a pop artist. However, with his unshakeable presence on the top if the charts and in pop culture, that is exactly what he has become. The success of his recent third studio album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” only […]

Movie Review: IT’s back for vengeance: ‘IT Chapter Two’ explores characters’ past, overcoming childhood trauma

The cinematic conclusion to Stephen King’s best-selling novel is finally here. “IT Chapter Two” takes viewers back to Derry, Maine, where Pennywise the Dancing Clown (IT) has returned after his loss to the Losers’ Club twenty-seven years after “IT” took place. Mike Hanlon, the only Loser who remained in Derry, contacts his old friends to […]

Netflix Review: Despite exciting moments, ‘The Society’ falls short of being a great teen drama

“Six months ago we were children,” Becca, played by Gideon Adlon, says in episode seven of “The Society.” “This is who were are now: we eat and live communally. We even sweat communally.” Season one of “The Society” begins as a promising new teen drama: West Ham High School students go on a field trip […]

Netflix Review: ‘Stranger Things’ beautifully weaves storylines, develops characters

The directors of “Stranger Things” season three have each played their part in continuing the series’ legacy of feeling like one long movie. Each manages to effectively incorporate their directorial styles into the episodes they directed while allowing the season to run smoothly.  As with any movie franchise or TV show, it’s world continues to […]

Album Review: Taylor Swift’s vulnerabilities shine in ‘Lover,’ album speaks on love, hope, activism

“They’d say I played the field before I found someone to commit to, and that’d be okay for me to do; every conquest I had made would make me more of a boss to you,” Taylor Swift sings in her track, “The Man,” featured on her newest album “Lover.”  This song, which highlights the misogyny […]

Movie Review: With signature humor and shocking twists, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ meets high expectations

Eleven years ago, comic fans, film enthusiasts, and superhero fanatics walked out of the 2008 movie “Iron Man” with generally positive reviews. Little did they know, the B-List superhero film would become the beginning of over a decade of successful and beloved movies—leading up to 2019’s three-hour cinematic culmination “Avengers: Endgame.” At risk of giving […]