‘Suburbicon’: a disappointing product of a talented team

Joel and Ethan Coen have given us quite a few gifts: the iconic “Fargo,” the chilling “No Country for Old Men” and the outrageously underrated “Burn After Reading.” Their latest screenwriting effort, however, directed by their friend and often-star George Clooney, isn’t one of those gifts. “Suburbicon,” starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, revolves around hapless sociopaths […]

‘Happy Death Day’ finds originality with unoriginal storyline

Director of the “Paranormal Activities” franchise Christopher Landon has put his own spin on horror with “Happy Death Day.” The recently released film finds originality by not strictly adhering to the genre of horror, despite having an unoriginal and almost identical concept to “Groundhog Day” (1993). The protagonist, Tree (Jessica Rothe), is a sorority girl stuck […]

That’s What She Read: Novel explores questions of personhood, survivor’s guilt

“Little Sister” by Barbara Gowdy is definitely one of the weirdest novels I’ve read lately. Rose Bowan owns and runs the local movie hall with her mother. She has a placid, uneventful life and a placid, uneventful boyfriend. Her mother is in the early stages of dementia, but that is the only cloud on Rose’s horizon. […]

Review: Betsayda Machado y La Parranda El Clavo delivers an emotional performance

Betsayda Machado y La Parranda El Clavo captivated an audience of students, faculty and local Easton residents Wednesday night with a fascinating performance at the Williams Center for the Arts. The performance opened with powerful vocals from Machado, built on with strong percussion. Members of the band clapped and shouted continuously as the songs went […]

“Battle of the Sexes” celebrates athletic icon Billie Jean King

Starring Steve Carell (Bobby Riggs) and Emma Stone (Billie Jean King), “Battle of the Sexes” is the inspirational story of Billie Jean King, a former professional world no. 1 tennis player. The film depicts King’s journey fighting for women’s equality in professional competitive tennis, while also discovering her own sexuality. Although the film seems to […]

That’s What She Read: Novel explores sexuality, gender and class

“Mrs. Fletcher” by Tom Perrotta. Poor Mrs. Fletcher. After her husband leaves her for a younger woman and her only son goes off to college, she’s feeling a bit lost and lonely. Mrs. Fletcher runs into time for reevaluating her life and ponders how she will spend her newfound free time now that she is not shuttling her son […]

‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ lacks compared to predecessor

After seeing “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” one thing is certain: it does not live up to its predecessor. At the same time, the film is entertaining, action-packed and funny. “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” stars Taron Edgerton (Eggsy), Mark Strong (Merlin), Colin Firth (Harry Hart), Julianne Moore (Poppy) and Pedro Pascal (Whiskey). Directed by Matthew Vaughn, this […]

The steaks are high: Oak Steakhouse provides Easton with high end dining experience

Setting Centrally located on Bank St. and across the street from Bank Street Creamery, Oak Steakhouse provides an accessible and luxurious dining experience. Just walking in through the front doors of Oak, diners are immediately impressed by the intricate details of the interior design. While most dining tables are located in the main entrance area of the […]

Psychological thriller “Mother!” disappoints

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, “Mother!” is another one of the Aronofsky’s attempts at psychological thrillers, the previous being “Black Swan” (2010), which was widely praised as a masterpiece. However, “Mother!” is a huge let down. The film tells the story of a nameless couple, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, who live in the woods […]