Movie Review: ‘A Star Is Born’ features stellar performances, but the remake adds nothing new

With Oscars moved up, the festival darlings are now releasing in October, the first of which is Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born.” “A Star Is Born” stars Lady Gaga and its director Bradley Cooper. The movie follows Ally (Gaga), a struggling musician who meets Jack (Cooper), a successful but alcoholic musician. They fall in […]

Podcast Review: With ‘distinct brand of humor,’ ‘Chapo Trap House’ hilariously delves into politics with irony

Among leftist podcasts, “Chapo Trap House” reigns king of irony, king of revenue and king of the Bernie-bros. Chapo is a New York-based political comedy podcast, turning a Marxist eye to both foreign and domestic current events.  The show has a distinct brand of humor. From the name alone, the podcast’s obsession with irony is […]

Movie Review: ‘Assassination Nation’ proves to be a “hot piece of garbage.”

“Assassination Nation” is a classic case of poor marketing. The film, directed by Sam Levinson, stars Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse and Abra. “Assassination Nation” is pitched as a modern retelling of the Salem Witch Trials, which was a period of mass hysteria when women and girls were executed on charges of witchcraft in 1692 in […]

Album Review: ‘On The Rvn’ uses “unconventional rhymes” as an art form

Young Thug’s latest EP, “On The Rvn,” is a short but no less satisfying journey where the Atlanta rapper takes a more mainstream route, featuring artists like 6lack, Jaden Smith and Elton John. It strangely works, but it still raises a question: where does he go from here?  Thug’s defining characteristic since his early days […]

Black Girl Magic sparkles again: Netflix’s ‘Nappily Ever After’ is the hair representation we’ve been looking for

I remember the burning smell of roasted keratin and crispy hair follicles. The stink of a hot comb and the worrying that you may look down to see your afro on the floor is one that many young black girls have experienced. “Your hair is soooo pretty and longggg!” all the girls would say after […]

An ‘incredibly authentic viewing experience,’ the story of ‘BlacKkKlansman’ deserves to be told

Ron Stallworth is the first African-American detective in the history of the Colorado Police Department. For his first assignment, he decides to infiltrate the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. He accomplishes this by posing as a white man on the phone and then having a white fellow officer play him in person. It […]

‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser’ is another flop by Netflix following ‘Insatiable’

Netflix is on a roll—a roll of creating terrible content. As “Insatiable” checked off the lists of what not to do for entertainment, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” continues the competition to annoy as many people as possible. From terrible trans-phobia to glamorizing emotional manipulation, Sierra Burgess may, in fact, be a loser, but not […]