Review: ‘Impossible not to sing along’: ‘Emma: A Pop Musical’ is captivating

Lafayette’s virtual adaptation of “Emma: A Pop Musical,” based on Jane Austen’s popular novel, “Emma,” rises above the challenges of the online forum to deliver a fun, energetic performance that leaves the audience smiling and humming its catchy tunes long after the final curtain call. The play, directed by theater professor Mary Jo Lodge, features […]

TV Review: ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is an ode to passion, wisdom and femininity

Some say that genius and madness walk the same path. I don’t believe that. I dare to say that genius and madness are the same, just used interchangeably by some persons and not the others depending on their established norms. Many might think that swallowing a handful of tranquilizers to play chess on the ceiling, the game […]

Performance Review: ‘A call to action and a shout into the void’: ‘The Summoning of Everyman’ is a self-aware commentary on modern life

Lafayette’s first-ever virtual production is tailored to our time and our community. Directed and adapted by Sarah Frankel ’21, the Lafayette production of “The Summoning of Everyman” takes a 15th-century play about salvation and moral reckoning and makes the final stop before the “canyon of death” at the last place you would expect: College Hill.  Opening […]

Review: ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ twists the meaning of time – and the complexities of relationships

What if time was not a chronological straight line but a series of events without any meaningful sequence? Last month, Netflix released the long-awaited “I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” written and directed by Charlie Kaufman. The movie presents Lucy, played by Jessie Buckley, is an intellectual feminist whose wit and beliefs are often threatening to […]

Despite incomplete utilization of fantastical world, ‘Onward’ captivates with heartfelt characterization and ‘brilliant ending’

Much like its title, “Onward” is a film that gets better as its story progresses forward. The movie’s first 15 minutes set up its world, and the characters are rather dull and uninspired. However, once the plot essentials are set and the journey gets started, the mystery becomes captivating enough to keep the viewer in […]

Refined flavors and ‘creative nostalgia’: State Café is a brunch must

Even with its tall old-school vertical sign, a passerby could potentially miss the otherwise unassuming Easton staple located across the street from the State Theatre. However, just ask anyone on campus where to go for a celebratory breakfast or a fun brunch, and someone will certainly mention State Café. After opening the thick wooden door, […]

With a technical vision and dedicated performances, ‘Heddatron’ is a thought-provoking triumph

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s canonical work “Hedda Gabler,” a 19th century play about a pregnant woman bored to the point of recklessness by the trappings of society and her marriage, may or may not be a “well-made play”  – that is, at least, according to Heddatron’s 10-year old narrator Nugget. This 2008 reimagining of the […]

Netflix Review: A series that is necessary: ‘When They See Us’ provides an emotional journey

I had heard the whispers among my friends and scrolled through the internet threads about a story hitting the world in shock waves, titled “When They See Us” – a Netflix series.  “When They See Us,” created by director Ava DuVernay, depicts the story of the Exonerated Five, formerly known as the Central Park Five. […]

Anticipated season 2 of ‘Sex Education’ shines with spot-on commentary and character development

We are all aware of the raunchy, unrealistic representation of sex plastered across TV screens. From depicting sex as an animalistic, booze-filled adventure or a painfully awkward sad encounter, TV shows and movies have continuously missed the mark of what sex looks like and what sexual health entails. Enter season 2 of “Sex Education,” the […]

Movie Review: A ‘powerful reminder’ of authenticity: ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ captivates with nostalgic gestures and flawless performances

Many would say that Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood were a singularity whose essence may never be reproduced. However, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” demonstrates that this notion could not be further from the truth. The film is captivating for people who grew up with the show and for those just getting to know […]

With a sense of simplicity and creativity, Bolete is a ‘memorable culinary experience’

Because Lafayette is a little over an hour from New York and Philadelphia, it is hard to find a fine dining restaurant that can compete with those set in large foodie capitals. However, Bolete, just twenty minutes from campus, attracts foodies from all over the region to eat at the 200-year-old stone farmhouse.  Bolete is […]