Preview: ‘The Nature of Forgetting’ explores memory loss, its impact on those who experience it

“What is left when memory is gone? What makes memory still alive even though we lost [it all]?” Those are the the questions that Guillaume Pige hopes that “The Nature of Forgetting” answers. Pige said that if there is one thing he hopes the audiences takes away from the play, it’s that “the realization that […]

Preview: Han Schuman reaches out to youth, hopes to impact lives through jazz

Han Schuman hopes to “foster a greater awareness, appreciation, and understanding of jazz music, particularly in young audiences.” Schuman is the founder, artistic director and current executive of JazzReach, a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, founded in 1994. Schuman will be performing at the college tomorrow at 2 p.m. JazzReach seeks to bring jazz, “one of […]

Jazz musician Steve Coleman talks on the influence of music, inspirations, style of performance

Steve Coleman is an alto saxophonist focused on improvisation and compositional technique in jazz. He was a recipient of the 2014 MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award, awarded annually to twenty to thirty innovators deemed most worthy to receive a $500,000 grant that can be used however the award-winner pleases. Steve Coleman and Five Elements will be […]

‘I don’t think you’re really doing anything unless someone’s pissed’: Amirah Sackett talks Muslim culture, hip-hop dancing

Through the art of hip-hop, Amirah Sackett challenges heavy stereotypes commonly associated with American Muslims. With Sackett’s dance group, “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic” (WMDP), she has translated her talent as a dancer into a socially conscious message about identity, particularly her own identity as a Muslim woman. Despite originally being trained in ballet, Sackett’s love of […]

Preview: A modern adaptation of classical jazz: ‘The Hot Sardines’ to perform at Lafayette

The Williams Center for the Arts will be graced with a visit by one of the most eminent contemporary jazz bands, The Hot Sardines this Friday at 8 p.m. Hailing from New York City, The Hot Sardines combine the classic arrangements of the early 20th century with their own modern sound. Downbeat Magazine, a publication that […]

Critically acclaimed pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii to perform on campus with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Returning again after its Lafayette debut two years ago, world-class Orpheus Chamber Orchestra will feature award-winning pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii at the Williams Center for the Arts tonight at 8 p.m. The orchestra will be opening this year’s concert series at the Williams Center with a blend of music from both romantic and contemporary composers. Attendees will […]

Living “in the shadows of 9/11”: speakers discuss experiences of young Muslims

After 9/11, Ping Chong knew he wanted to work with Muslims because, he said, “I know my history.” Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity is an interview-based performance, coming to the Williams Center for the Arts at 8 p.m. tonight, where Muslim people sit in a circle and read scripts written by Muslim people. “Five […]

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra combine with Tine Thing Helseth

“[Just] like any other thing in life, there are several keys [to making great music]. One is knowledge, the other one is creativity,” Artistic Director of Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and cellist Jim Wilson said. “The other part of creativity is self-confidence. When you perform, you get to perform art, which means you’re not [only] performing […]

World-class woman sitar player comes to Lafayette

Hasu Patel said that the sound of the sitar, an Indian stringed instrument, connects her with her inner voice. She is one of the few world-class female sitar players playing classical music, and she is scheduled to perform Saturday at the Williams Center for the Arts with the Lafayette Concert Chorus. According to the Williams Center for the Arts webpage on […]