Paper Playlist: Songs that go through puberty

SONGS THAT WENT THROUGH PUBERTY. This week, our playlist focuses on those songs that you listen to, and halfway through, you ask yourself if it’s the same song. Most of the songs on our playlist have unassuming beginnings – a little creepy, a little haunting – but soon build into rocking masterpieces. Emma: This week, I’m going with “Little Black […]

Paper Playlist: Songs You Would Hear in a Movie Montage, You Know, Like When They Travel and Need to Condense Time

Melissa: This week I have chosen “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root. Sadie: This week I have chosen “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root. In conclusion, the only song that should ever be played in a movie montage when characters travel and directors need to condense time is “Send Me On […]

Paper Playlist: ‘Lady Empowerment’

Melissa: This week I’ve chosen “Electric Lady” by Janelle Monae (ft. Solange). The recent buzz around Monae’s performance in (the now Oscar-award-winning) Moonlight has me going back through her music lately and remembering what a wonderful artist she is. “Electric Lady” just makes you feel good. It’s a groovy tune that will have you feeling […]