Review: ‘The Wedding Singer’ is a ‘colorful’ performance filled with humor, drama and enthusiasm

After watching a special performance of “The Wedding Singer” by the Marquis Players, it is difficult for me to imagine that the group has met any challenges this semester. The performance transcended the unpredictability of both COVID-19 and the weather in a way that brings the audience joy as they sit for an outdoor, in-person […]

Two painted banners hanging on the wall in Farinon

Kimberly Manalang ’21 and Shirley Liu ’23 on the implementation and importance of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month has been celebrated in many communities since the 1970s, but this year is the first time that it will officially be celebrated at the college. And organizers want to make sure it will leave a lasting impact beyond just the month of May. As the daughter of […]

Caroline standing in a grassy field with a jacket on.

Student Artist Spotlight: Caroline Sabin ’21 talks about her passion for music and leaving a ‘legacy’ of accessibility in the arts

In a socially distanced year, Caroline Sabin ’21 has used music as a way to stay connected with her community. “We’re not in this alone,” she said. “We’re all together, and even though we may be recording something on our computer in 50 different states or many different countries, we are still connected as a […]

Kelsey Moum smiling outside with her arms crossed.

Student Activist Spotlight: Kelsey Moum ’21 talks experience, education and everyday activism in her work

Kelsey Moum ’21 says that activism takes place in marches, protests and lobbying—but she believes change can happen in everyday settings, too. Moum said she has found that one of the best things she can do in the spaces she occupies is embody activism through individual relationships and in the groups she is part of. […]

A headshot of Kat Leiva smiling against a purple background.

‘It’s a numbers game’: Counselors and recent grads offer insights on how the pandemic has affected the workplace

Securing a job after graduation is hard enough without a global pandemic—and this year, students at Lafayette are dealing with both. Luckily, the Gateway Career Center has insights on how the pandemic will affect students looking for jobs and internships. Although all her appointments are virtual now, the pandemic has not changed Alana Klass’s responsibilities […]

Robert Macfarlane looking to the left.

‘Staying with the trouble’: Nature writer Robert Macfarlane discusses his nonfiction book ‘Underland’ in the 2020 Hatfield Lecture

Nature writer Robert Macfarlane has written an entire book on the underground—but even he is not afraid to admit that there is much he still doesn’t know about what he describes as “the Underland.” “We know so little of the worlds beneath our feet,” Macfarlane said during this year’s John L. Hatfield ‘67 Lecture. “If […]

Marquis Players navigate COVID-related obstacles, prepare for in-person show next week

Choreographing any show is tough. Doing so through a Zoom screen is even tougher. This has been the most recent challenge for Margot Galopin ’22 as she choreographs the Marquis Players’ upcoming in-person production of “The Wedding Singer.” Galopin isn’t the only one carrying out her duties over Zoom. Almost the entire production team for […]

Student Artist Spotlight: Anna Zittle ‘22 on the integration of music and math

When Music Professor Kirk O’Riordan asked Anna Zittle ‘22 to compose a piece for concert band last year, he probably wouldn’t have guessed it would involve an exponential function. But Zittle is a woman of many talents. A music and mathematics double major, she has spent her time at the college refining her skill in […]

Talk on sustainability literacy underscores need for more sustainability courses at Lafayette

Alongside their many recent efforts promoting sustainability on campus, the Office of Sustainability has aimed their sights on another area of improvement: sustainability education. This past Wednesday, faculty and students joined the Office of Sustainability in a virtual event where presenters shared research on how sustainability education can be integrated into curricular and co-curricular opportunities […]

Student Artist Spotlight: Kymble Clark ’22 on printmaking and self-portraiture as a means of communication and expression

Creating art is as significant and refreshing as taking a breath of fresh air, according to Kymble Clark ‘22, and it provides an outlet to explore self-identity and discover a relationship with gender that no other platform can supply. “[Art] is such a beautiful language in a way, not only to express yourself, but to […]

Interactive play ‘Black Feminist Video Game’ premieres next Thursday at the Williams Center

While the pandemic has taken away the joys of live theatre, Lafayette, like so many other institutions, has looked to supply a replacement. And at the intersection of live theatre and the digital world lies a unique and interactive viewing experience coming to students next week. From April 27 to April 30, the Williams Center […]