Love Letters from Ana: A psychic reading

I’m no stranger to psychic readings. In fact, there’s probably a psychic on every dodgy corner in Manhattan and I’ve admittedly indulged in a few after-dinner-semi-tipsy group readings myself. So as a self-titled love anthropologist, I decided to get a psychic reading this past Thursday, Feb 10, and ask her about my love life and […]

Love Letters from Ana: Let’s Play 36 Questions

As a love and relationship columnist, it’s in my job description to explore the hidden reasons behind some human sex behavior. My column, at times, survives on the over-analyzation of this behavior. A prime example: is monogamy attainable on a college campus? From time-to-time, however, something comes up that is strictly science in its purest, […]

Love Letters from Ana: To the Unattached

Being unattached can promote a preserved-self, a mysterious-self, and an independent-self. But is detachment healthy? There are times in our life where we are all we ever need. These are special moments. Being single is a cyclical period in our lives where different feelings ebb and flow into our consciousness. Sometimes there is loneliness or […]