A ‘bold new direction’ for comic book films: ‘The Joker’ takes risks, breaks tradition

“Joker” is DC’s most bold, fresh and original picture since 2008’s “Dark Knight.” While it will not be loved by all, it may serve as the perfect new starting point for DC’s future approach to its films. The world of comic book adaptations has predominantly centered around the works of Marvel (which owns Spiderman, X-Men […]

An ‘Americanized take on Mexican cuisine’: Mesa challenges tradition, offers a ‘satisfying experience’

If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, you may not find it at Mesa. Instead, you can expect a blend of American and Mexican tastes that create a great dining experience. When waiters bring the guacamole out and mix it tableside in a fancy mortar and pestle, you might feel that you stumbled into […]

Looking to the past to create a ‘better future’: Queer Archives Project shares alumni stories of ‘bravery’

In 1992, the Princeton Review named Lafayette College the number one most homophobic college in America. Now, faculty and students are working hard to change that narrative by sharing stories of queer-identifying alumni from their experiences in college and afterwards. The Queer Archives Project (QAP) launched last April after years of preparation. The project is […]

‘I was struck by the loss’: Refugee Action uses virtual reality to present refugee stories in a ‘new light’

Virtual reality (VR) can be utilized in many creative ways, and Refugee Action was able to use this new technology this past Wednesday to share the New York Times mini-documentary “The Displaced” to foster a larger discussion about the global refugee crisis. “The Displaced” follows three children from Syria, Ukraine and South Sudan, respectively, who […]

Schuyler Bailar’s journey to self-acceptance, speaks on transgender experience as Division I athlete

“As we go past a certain point, I think it’s about unlearning all the things [we learned] about who we’re supposed to be, to figure out who we are,” Schuyler Bailar said in his talk as Lafayette’s keynote speaker for LGBTQ+ history month. Bailer, a transgender college student spoke to his experience accepting his identity […]

Performance Review: ‘Vanity Fair’ echoes modern discourse on gender politics, actors give ‘riveting’ performance

While the #MeToo movement and self-branding in the internet age may seem irrelevant to early 19th-century British society, Kate Hamill’s modern adaptation of William Thackeray’s novel “Vanity Fair” (1848) seems to draw those modern parallels. Similarly, we see those same parallels at Lafayette’s production of “Vanity Fair.” “Vanity Fair” centers around the story of two […]

Vampires beware, Garlic Fest is here: this weekend’s annual festival to provide food, live music

Garlic Fest, a two-day festival full of “amazing chefs,” live cooking competitions and music, is one of Easton’s most popular annual events, and the city is preparing for its downtown take-over this weekend. More than 90 food and merchandising vendors will crowd around Centre Square to showcase the pungent flavors of garlic. Local restaurants and […]

The cultural and political powers assigned to texts: Exhibit explores banned literature in China

The banning of literature is a topic that has long been discussed by intellectuals and the general public. When books are forbidden, it begs the question: what justifies such censorship? “But who does not know of literature banned because it is interrogative; discredited because it is critical; erased because alternate?” renowned novelist Toni Morrison asked […]

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, students create space for representation

With activities and special trips, the college’s Hispanic Society of Lafayette plans to keep Hispanic culture alive for National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated throughout the country from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. The student organization already hosted a day trip to Fiesta DC on Sept. 22, where students could spend the day enjoying […]

The inevitable development of artificial intelligence: Kevin Kelly discusses future of technology, implications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly developing, and humans don’t have a choice in the matter. However, Kevin Kelly said humans do “have a tremendous amount of choice in developing the character, the policies, the nature of it [and] who owns it.” This past Tuesday, Kelly discussed the current and future roles that AI will have […]