Original research through new methodologies: A look at the Digital Humanities Summer Scholar program

Lafayette students have experienced almost a year of virtual learning and digital assignments. One program at the college, however, has been immersed in the digital space for years. The Digital Humanities Summer Scholar (DHSS) program is a six-week workshop that takes place at the beginning of the summer for a select cohort of students. Students […]

Kaitlyn Ahern '23 sitting with her hands folded on top of a desk.

Student Activist Spotlight: Kaitlyn Ahern ’23 discusses activism, from social media to senate campaigns

This past fall, Kaitlyn Ahern ’23 contributed to the Jon Ossoff for Senate campaign. But her activist work started long before then. Growing up in Scranton Pennsylvania, located a few miles from one of the largest landfills in the United States, Ahern explained that she felt confused and abandoned by the passivity of local politicians […]

Student Artist Spotlight: Sarah Frankel ‘21 on directing plays, connecting castmates and artistic resilience in the time of COVID-19

For Sarah Frankel ’21, theater is a passion as well as a way to connect with others—even in a virtual world. As a student of the theater for over 10 years and a participant in 30 different productions, Frankel has spent much of her time at the college exploring her interests in writing and directing […]

Hollis Ashby posing with jazz singer Cecile McLorin Salvant.

Williams Center artistic and executive director Hollis Ashby wins 2020 Presenter of the Year award

After organizing dozens of headline-grabbing performances throughout her lifetime, Hollis Ashby is now being recognized for achievements of her own. Ashby, the Artistic and Executive Director for the Williams Center of the Arts, recently received the 2020 Presenter of the Year award from North American Performing Arts Agents and Managers (NAPAMA). The award recognizes winners […]

In the spirit of the Purim holiday, Hillel raises money for Third Street Alliance in Esther’s Helpers fundraiser

For Lafayette’s Hillel Society, Purim has been a holiday of giving for many years. And in a trying and turbulent year, their philanthropic efforts took on even greater importance. Hillel is currently holding its annual Esther’s Helpers fundraiser in honor of Purim, which began yesterday, Feb. 25 and ends this evening, on Feb. 26. They […]

Artist Rebecca Kamen discusses awakening scientific discovery through art

To artist and professor Rebecca Kamen, artwork can be a visual representation of scientific research and an attempt to capture its inner beauty. This past Wednesday, Kamen shared her insights on how the arts and creativity in general can enhance innovation and our understanding of science. The talk was presented to a virtual audience consisting […]

Meet the Editors

What did you discover about yourself while being away from campus? Ben Fuller, Editor-in-Chief I discovered exactly how loud I could play music in my room before my parents started to complain (not nearly as loud as I would hope). I also discovered that the little noise canceling devices that therapists use outside their offices […]

Lafayette LEADERS is working to build inclusive and supportive community for STEM students of color

The Lafayette Leadership and Enrichment Academy for Diverse Emerging Researchers and Scientists, or LEADERS, is a growing student organization with the mission of bringing unity and support to under-represented students in the STEM field. “I want to show other people that I know what it feels like to be the only person of color in […]

‘We are all interconnected’: Lafayette Mutual Aid aims to support BIPOC students and community members

Lafayette Mutual Aid (LMA) is a student-led movement with two aims: to provide direct assistance to Black and Indigenous students and Lehigh Valley residents, and to shift the ideology of giving toward the direct and immediate assistance of fellow community members. Established by Savanna Toure ’21 and Natalie Beckford ’24 last fall, LMA is a […]

Student Artist Spotlight: Jane Fergusson ’21 draws artistic influence from math and mathematical influence from art

Art may not come to mind as the most immediate form of expression for math students, but for Jane Fergusson ’21, both seamlessly blend together. Fergusson said that she developed an affinity for art at a very young age. As a preschooler, she said she remembers a day where she started drawing a black-eyed Susan […]