‘Open for Debate’: Student broadcast focuses on new gene editing technology

Just before primetime on Tuesday, PBS Channel 39 aired the Policy Studies program’s newest broadcast: the first edition of “Open for Debate.” Students got the chance to guide viewers for a half-hour through the topic of gene-editing and its implications on medicine. The televised segment, titled “Editing Life,” takes a closer look at CRISPR-cas9, a new […]

Unifying Lafayette: installation aims to create ‘unity on campus’

On the quad stands a circular structure with strings strewn across it, seemingly randomly. However, these strings are an opportunity for Lafayette students to unite through common connections. The collaborative art installation is an effort by the Arts Society, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and LiveWell Lafayette to create “unity on the quad.” Anyone can string colorful yarn […]

Hamilton biographer speaks on the musical, American history, commencement speech

What was a conversation on a Sunday afternoon walk in the fall of 2008 turned into a “life-changing” moment for biographer Ron Chernow. His friend’s daughter, he was told, was friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda from college. Miranda read Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton” over vacation, and was entranced with the story. After they were put in touch […]

‘We are all a work in progress’: Annual day of service honors Amanda Miner ’18

The college’s annual day of service, Lafapalooza, is this weekend and students, staff and faculty are invited. This year, the theme of Lafapalooza honors the words Amanda Miner ‘18, who passed away earlier this semester, lived by: “We are all a work in progress.” Lafapalooza, hosted by the Center for Community Engagement and the Landis Center, […]

World-class woman sitar player comes to Lafayette

Hasu Patel said that the sound of the sitar, an Indian stringed instrument, connects her with her inner voice. She is one of the few world-class female sitar players playing classical music, and she is scheduled to perform Saturday at the Williams Center for the Arts with the Lafayette Concert Chorus. According to the Williams Center for the Arts webpage on […]

Juniors, sophomores welcome poet at student competition reading

Distinguished poet and professor at Northampton Community College Javier Avila selected the poem “Aylan” by Emily Lugos ’20 as the winner of the Jean E. Corrie Poetry Competition Prize. A reading on Tuesday – part of the college’s Poetry Week – honored this distinction. Since 1989, the Jean E. Corrie Poetry Prize has recognized students’ talents’ in poetic […]