Savanna Toure ’21 becomes first Lafayette student to win Truman Scholarship

Savanna Toure’s goals of studying medicine and doing biomedical research after Lafayette are now even more attainable after receiving both the Goldwater Scholarship and Truman Scholarship, two notable and selective awards given out at the national level. Toure ’21 is the first student at Lafayette to receive the Truman Scholarship. Toure admitted she was not […]

Despite incomplete utilization of fantastical world, ‘Onward’ captivates with heartfelt characterization and ‘brilliant ending’

Much like its title, “Onward” is a film that gets better as its story progresses forward. The movie’s first 15 minutes set up its world, and the characters are rather dull and uninspired. However, once the plot essentials are set and the journey gets started, the mystery becomes captivating enough to keep the viewer in […]

Portraying the ‘vastness and complexity of people’: Larry Fink speaks on power on photography

Photographer Larry Fink presented his audience at the start of his talk with one simple question: “What are human beings, truly?” This simple questions initiated Fink’s discussion this past Wednesday with the campus community about some of his most famous photographs. Fink has been working as a photographer for 65 years. In 2017, he won […]

Student Artist Spotlight: A melody and a message: a look at new band ‘Womansplainers’

One of the college’s newest bands, the Womansplainers, possesses a wide range of musical talent – and a desire to fight for feminism through music. The band is a part of the Lafayette Interdisciplinary Musical Society (LIMS) which promotes independent music groups on campus. Band members include vocalist Katie Rice ’21, guitarist Sasha Neefe ’21, […]

‘Lasting division and distrust’: speakers discuss Ukraine in the past and present moment

Ukraine has a long and complex history that is still relevant to understanding its political standing today. The college hosted a talk titled “Can You Find Ukraine on a Map?” this past Tuesday, which reflected upon the past, present and future of the country. The talk provided students with context for understanding Ukraine’s appearances in […]

Art with an environmental focus: ‘Badwater’ exhibition explores ecosystem issues in an emblematic fashion

While artist William Lamson’s exhibition “Badwater” catches the eye with its combination of complex geological structures, it also serves as a warning about the environmental degradation that is occurring in dry areas of the world. The exhibition, located in the Grossman Art Gallery, consists of a series of objects and materials that create an abiotic […]

Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts Quartet to perform at college this Saturday as fundraiser for March Elementary School

Jeff “Tain” Watts has won seven Grammys, performed all over the country, and is now helping out at Easton’s own March Elementary School. This Saturday, February 15, March Elementary will hold their first annual FAMEfest: a concert featuring The Jeff “Tain” Watts Quartet, which includes Watts at drums, Yunior Terry on bass, Paul Pollenback on […]

Lafayette students and Easton residents discuss consequences of bushfires, frustrations with political system

While the Australian bushfires may seem far from home, their effects have reached members of both the Lafayette and Easton communities. The bushfires have burned through over 24 million acres of land and thousands of homes, with New South Wales and Victoria being the worst affected areas in the country. They have killed at least […]

Movie Review: A ‘powerful reminder’ of authenticity: ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ captivates with nostalgic gestures and flawless performances

Many would say that Mr. Rogers and his neighborhood were a singularity whose essence may never be reproduced. However, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” demonstrates that this notion could not be further from the truth. The film is captivating for people who grew up with the show and for those just getting to know […]

Math professor Trent Gaugler discusses work with supersonic planes, increasing importance of statistics

The famous supersonic commercial airliner Concorde made its final descent on October 24, 2003, ending a glorious age of supersonic flight. However, according to mathematics professor  Trent Gaugler, supersonic planes may rise again thanks in part to his ongoing research with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Penn State’s Applied Research, which is sponsored […]

Students experience different cultures through music, art, food in ‘I Am Not Your Immigrant’ event

The “I am not your immigrant” event was an experience that led its participants to engage with all their five senses in order to address the subject of identity and stereotypes through playing music, cooking, painting and communicating with one another.   This event was part of International Education Week, a chain of different activities hosted […]

‘Harriet’ makes up for lost time, brings a personal perspective to history

While Americans anxiously wait for her to take Andrew Jackson’s place on the $20 bill, it is reassuring that director Kasi Lemmons and an incredible cast are making up for lost time by providing a solid cinematic portrayal of Harriet Tubman’s revolutionary story. “Harriet” details the heroic story of the most famous conductor of the […]

Working ‘closely with the unconscious’: Visual artist Kim Altomare discusses artwork on display

While visual artist Kim Altomare’s pieces may be currently on display at the Grossman Gallery, her ongoing creative visions continue. This past Monday, Altomare spoke about her art exhibition currently open at the college until November 23. Her work includes abstract relief artwork influenced by Elizabeth Murray and Ree Morton. Relief art is described as […]