“Dean of impact” leaves Lafayette: Dean of Intercultural Development John McKnight moves to Connecticut College

On a bookshelf in John McKnight’s office is a rock inscribed with the words “Dean of Impact”—a gift from one of his staff. On his wall is a photo from his college years, where he stands with the person who sparked his interest in social justice. His office is filled with mementos, but it will be cleaned out […]

From Indiana University to Lafayette: Sexual assault and the system’s failures

In February, Jill Creighton, an administrator at New York University, went public with claims that Jason Casares, associate dean of students, director of student ethics and deputy Title IX coordinator at Indiana University Bloomington (IU) sexually assaulted her at a conference in Fort Worth, Texas. If this statement does not sound absurd, allow me to reiterate. A Title IX […]

The Posse question: Students air concerns in three hour forum

By Christina Shaman ’16 and William Gordon ’17 Roughly 100 students, faculty and staff attended what turned into a 3-hour long open forum Wednesday full of high emotions, pointed questions and frustration. The forum, which was hosted by two faculty committees, was on the recommendation to reallocate funds from Posse D.C. to need-based financial aid. Students […]

Securing Private Ryan: Public safety officers experience Tom Hank’s visit

This Monday, students, faculty, administrators and alumni fixed their gaze on Tom Hanks as he gave an informal talk with President Alison Byerly and professor Donald Miller of the history department. But police officer Joe Duffy, of Lafayette College Public Safety, was watching something else—the audience. As security for Hanks, Duffy scanned the crowd for signs of […]

Making fitness fun: Group Fit classes bring teachers from all over campus

The overhead lights were off, a disco ball was spinning, and Dean of Students Paul McLoughlin II was singing along to Katy Perry’s “California Girls.” It was not a party, but McLoughlin’s cycling class, which he teaches Monday nights in between his job as an administrator at the college and as an advisor to Student […]