Author Jessica Francis Kane explores complexities of friendship in ‘Rules for Visiting’

One may not instinctively think of trees when the topic of friendship comes to mind, but author Jessica Francis Kane suggests otherwise in her second novel, “Rules for Visiting.” Kane’s latest novel revolves around May, a thirty-year-old gardener. When a poet writes about one of May’s English Yew trees and wins a $50,000 prize in […]

Answering ‘painful’ questions about race: author and illustrator Mira Jacob discusses new graphic novel

For author and illustrator Mira Jacob, answering her son’s questions about race led to much more than an informative family dinner — it inspired her 2019 graphic memoir “Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations.”  Jacob spoke to the college about this memoir on Monday afternoon. She explained that as a woman of color with a […]

Mikael Awake discusses new memoir on fashion designer ‘Dapper Dan’, explains process of researching his life and career

Dapper Dan, renowned fashion designer and Harlem native, is now the subject of English Professor Mikael Awake’s third book, “Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem.” The 2019 memoir details the life and career of Daniel R. Day, known as Dapper Dan. Awake said that he interviewed for the opportunity to write the memoir after his name […]

Guitarist Randall Kohl performs music of Octaviano Yáñez, discusses its significance

Guitarist Randall Kohl, who has dedicated much of his music career to performing the compositions of Orizaban guitarist Octaviano Yáñez, came to the college this past Monday to play an assortment of Yáñez’s compositions and speak on their importance. Kohl explained that Yáñez was one of the most significant classical guitarists in Mexico. Even though […]

Schuyler Bailar’s journey to self-acceptance, speaks on transgender experience as Division I athlete

“As we go past a certain point, I think it’s about unlearning all the things [we learned] about who we’re supposed to be, to figure out who we are,” Schuyler Bailar said in his talk as Lafayette’s keynote speaker for LGBTQ+ history month. Bailer, a transgender college student spoke to his experience accepting his identity […]

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, students create space for representation

With activities and special trips, the college’s Hispanic Society of Lafayette plans to keep Hispanic culture alive for National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated throughout the country from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. The student organization already hosted a day trip to Fiesta DC on Sept. 22, where students could spend the day enjoying […]

Former Lafayette professor Alix Ohlin reads from novel ‘Dual Citizens,’ discusses inspiration found in ‘intense friendships’

Growing up in Canada with an American mother, Alix Ohlin found herself traveling to the United States and living in both countries, where she belonged in “more than one place,” she said. Ohlin said that the idea of duality and dual citizens had a resonance that resulted in a story about two sisters, Robin and […]

Birds of a feather: Dr. Robert Allan speaks on using pigeons as a way to understand behaviorism

Taking care of animals can be a demanding task, something Dr. Robert Allan knows far too well. Several days of the week, Allan wakes up early in the morning to drive to the college from New York City in order to take care of the pigeons he believes are the key to understanding human behavior. […]

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s wood carvings inspired by Japanese folklore, exhibited at the Williams Center for the Arts

While considering visual art, one may first imagine a traditional drawing or a paitning. Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, however, challenged that perception by making his visual art through cutting and designing wood. Yoshitoshi, a Japanese artist who lived from 1839-1892, based his works off of both regional and self-created stories. Twenty-four pieces of Yoshitoshi’s art are currently […]

Netflix Review: Despite exciting moments, ‘The Society’ falls short of being a great teen drama

“Six months ago we were children,” Becca, played by Gideon Adlon, says in episode seven of “The Society.” “This is who were are now: we eat and live communally. We even sweat communally.” Season one of “The Society” begins as a promising new teen drama: West Ham High School students go on a field trip […]

Album Review: Taylor Swift’s vulnerabilities shine in ‘Lover,’ album speaks on love, hope, activism

“They’d say I played the field before I found someone to commit to, and that’d be okay for me to do; every conquest I had made would make me more of a boss to you,” Taylor Swift sings in her track, “The Man,” featured on her newest album “Lover.”  This song, which highlights the misogyny […]