Poetry editor of The New Yorker speaks at the college, focuses on the prevelance of African American art

Kevin Young wants to make sure that certain aspects of African-American history don’t fall to the wayside. “There’s always something missing [when looking back at history],” Young said. “We need to rescue aspects of black culture abandoned, even by black folks.” Recently named the poetry editor for The New Yorker, Young is a poet and […]

New exhibit highlights work of visionary inventor

The Williams Center Gallery introduced an exhibit last Friday intended to appeal to majors across campus. The exhibit, titled “Buckminster Fuller: Architect, Engineer, Inventor, Artist,” celebrates the groundbreaking work of American architect Buckminster Fuller. The exhibit showcases thirteen 30×40 framed prints of Fuller’s most noteworthy inventions, each layered with a clear patent on top of a screen-printed photograph […]