With a technical vision and dedicated performances, ‘Heddatron’ is a thought-provoking triumph

Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s canonical work “Hedda Gabler,” a 19th century play about a pregnant woman bored to the point of recklessness by the trappings of society and her marriage, may or may not be a “well-made play”  – that is, at least, according to Heddatron’s 10-year old narrator Nugget. This 2008 reimagining of the […]

From running a network of drug houses to building a college-level entrepreneurship program: Dyer Center director Yusuf Dahl discusses journey before Lafayette

In a nook of the Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Yusuf Dahl, the center’s director, sits before a small sign. On it are two words: the first, struck through, reads “mistake.” Below sits an alternative: “lesson.” It is a fitting backdrop for a man who has managed to see all his major setbacks with silver […]

Performance Review: ‘Vanity Fair’ echoes modern discourse on gender politics, actors give ‘riveting’ performance

While the #MeToo movement and self-branding in the internet age may seem irrelevant to early 19th-century British society, Kate Hamill’s modern adaptation of William Thackeray’s novel “Vanity Fair” (1848) seems to draw those modern parallels. Similarly, we see those same parallels at Lafayette’s production of “Vanity Fair.” “Vanity Fair” centers around the story of two […]

Mumps confirmed at colleges in the Lehigh Valley, yet to be found at Lafayette

With the confirmation of over a hundred cases of the mumps associated with a flare-up at Philadelphia’s Temple University in February, mumps breakouts have since been confirmed on Lehigh Valley campuses. Lehigh University had a confirmed case of the mumps in late August, while Moravian College in neighboring Bethlehem confirmed on September 23rd that five […]