Concert Choir & Chamber Singers preview new piece

Photography courtesy of Professor Jennifer Kelly, along with countless students, faculty, and musicians, have challenged themselves for the past year to plan for a performance premiering later this month. Gabriela Lena Frank, a Latin Grammy award winner who is currently an Artist-in-Residence, commissioned the pieces. Kelly touched base with Frank when she was writing […]

Combining cultures: Israeli-American dance company to perform

Photo courtesy of A combination of American and Israeli dance style gives the Koresh Dance Company a unique edge to their performance. The company hopes to leverage their individuality to make an emotional connection with Lafayette audiences next Tuesday. Ten dancers will present “Come Together,” a piece which highlights smaller groups of dancers. They […]

Origami extravaganza

Lafayette’s interdisciplinary emphasis has been seen ranging from national television broadcasts by film and government and law majors in Farinon to interim trips to sub-Saharan Africa, studying religion and language. On Monday, we saw another unexpected combination of fields: science, technology, engineering, math and art. Lafayette hosted the Origami Extravaganza Kickoff, an event created to […]