Expansion to improve market position with need-blindness

Roughly three years ago, the college put together a task force to grapple with the slow increase in enrollment they observed. Class sizes had been growing by about 10 people every year to deal with budgetary pressures. The committee of professors and administrators asked, should Lafayette stop the gradual creep? Should Lafayette decrease enrollment? Should Lafayette […]

Men’s rugby team suspended

Men’s rugby were forced to suspend the rest of their spring season last week after the college found them guilty of three alcohol violations. College officials confirmed that the team, a student club, held an event at which they violated rules regarding irresponsible use of alcohol, providing alcohol to minors and student organization events involving alcohol. […]

At Lafayette, a wealth gap with a chance of mobility

Only 38 colleges in the country have more students from the top 1 percent than the bottom 60 percent. Lafayette ranks 11th in this group for the greatest income gap, according to recently released data. Millions of anonymous tax records collected by the Equality of Opportunity Project and published through the New York Times revealed for first time in […]