Mitterhoff Address: Republicans hurt their 2014 prospects through filibuster

Republican senators blocked a bill Wednesday that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, an item high on President Obama’s agenda for 2014 with great support from congressional Democrats. In a vote of 54-42, with all but one voting against the bill, Republicans successfully filibustered the minimum wage increase, going against public opinion […]


Lafayette students charged in connection to drug ring operating in eastern Pennsylvania Two Lafayette students were charged in a local court this week with selling drugs on campus. The pair were arrested in February in connection to a drug ring run by two graduates of a suburban Philadelphia private school aiming to take over the […]

Mitterhoff Address: Sebelius resigns amid high Obamacare sign-up numbers

Last week, President Obama accepted the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Her resignation comes after months of hiccups with and criticism about the rollout of the online healthcare marketplace,, which Sebelius’s department oversaw. “Its [sic] about time #Goodbye #shesGone #Sebelius,” Tim Huelskamp, a Republican representing the first district of Sebelius’s […]

Re-examining Recycling

Graphic by Aaron Levenson ‘15 The Lafayette community is not recycling effectively, according to students and administrators on campus. “A lot of students aren’t completely aware of how exactly the college recycles, besides your generic plastic bottles and metal containers,” Morgan McGuinness ‘14, who is in an engineering class planning more efficient recycling on campus, […]

Administrative upheaval

Photos courtesy of Four administrators have recently announced their plans to depart from their positions. Pictured above from left to right, former Dean of the College Hannah Stewart-Gambino, Provost Wendy Hill, and Vice President of Development and College Relations James Dicker ‘85. Not Pictured: Mitchell Wein   Two administrators are leaving Lafayette for new […]

Lafayette employee investigated

By Matt Mitterhoff ‘16 and Aaron Levenson ‘15 | Collaborative Writers A Lafayette employee’s web services company was part of an FBI investigation on an online marketplace that sold contraband items, such as illegal drugs and stolen credit card numbers. A warrant, released to the public last month, was issued in September to search the servers […]

Changing the menu: New meal plans, dining hall renovations announced

Photos by Tatianna Troxell ’16 Proposed changes to Lafayette’s meal plans and dining locations were announced Monday, with the school saying that they were implementing these changes to further the “expansions and improvements [being made] to the Dining Program.” Under the proposed plans, which will begin the fall semester of 2014, the class of 2017 […]

The Mitterhoff Address: A disappointing coming year for the 113th Congress

Two weeks ago, I made the argument that Congress’s passage of a bill that would raise the debt ceiling set “a precedent for future prospects of brinkmanship” among Republicans and Democrats. According to reports about a meeting between Speaker John Boehner and President Obama held Tuesday, it seems that the likelihood of agreement and productivity […]

Baumbach’s recovery: Victim of hit-and-run completing rehab without complications

Aubrey Baumbach ‘17, the Lafayette student who was injured after getting hit by a car back in November coming back from crew practice, has been completing her rehabilitation without complications, according to a Facebook post by her parents. In the post, which was published in a group called “Aubrey’s Oddyssey,” a Facebook page dedicated to […]