A year-round food experience: Public market brings new energy to downtown

If you weren’t already satisfied with the food options in Downtown Easton, just wait until The Easton Public Market opens its doors this Friday. According to a press release from Easton Market District Director Megan McBride, the Easton Public Market is bringing grocery shopping and contemporary dining options to the Easton community Wednesday through Sunday. Similar to the […]

Race and diversity in Lafayette’s history: Looking back at the history of Lafayette’s black students

Questions of race and diversity continue to be debated on college campuses across the country. In celebration of Black History Month, The Lafayette dug through the college archives to examine the long history of black students on campus to highlight their struggles and triumphs throughout the years, starting from Lafayette’s very first class. Lafayette College […]

Sophomore fills vacant student government position: Special election held in time for annual training

After an unexpected resignation by Student Government’s Class of 2018 representative last week, a new sophomore has stepped in to fill the position. Christopher Felix ‘18 was elected to Student Government in a special election and was ushered into his first week at the organization’s annual training on Sunday. Former representative of the 2018 class, […]