Professor Cohen explores the history of the debate over pure versus adulterated food in his latest book

Most college students are familiar with food terms like “organic,” “GMO” and “[fill in the blank] free.” These terms are a part of an ever-evolving food lexicon, all of which are examined in the latest book written by Chair of the Engineering Studies department and associate professor Benjamin Cohen.  “Pure Adulteration: Cheating on Nature in […]

After three years of work, Student Government votes to ditch plastic water bottles on campus

Student Government passed a resolution for the Reduction of plastic waste last Thursday, effectively calling for a cessation of the sale and distribution of plastic bottles on campus. Co-written by Lucie Lagodich ’22 and Tessa Landon ’22 of the Sustainability Committee, the resolution, if adopted by the administration, would gradually replace plastic bottles with aluminum […]

How will the future of global politics be shaped by the next president?: Panel of experts discuss impact of US elections

American politics are “critical” on the world stage, according to Professor Angelika von Wahl, chairwoman of the International Affairs Program and moderator of last week’s panel entitled “The Impact of US Elections on Global Politics.” The panel was composed of professors Ilan Peleg, Seo-Hyun Park, Christopher Lee, Hannah Stewart-Gambino and Mathieu Perrot, each of whom […]

Black-led student coalition Dear Lafayette College begins working with staff and faculty after releasing demands

The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd impacted every corner of the nation this past summer, and Lafayette was no exception. On June 22, the Instagram account was created, sending shockwaves through the College Hill community with its revelations about the treatment of Black and Brown students and faculty.  The Dear […]

‘It’s going to matter’: Professor Murphy emphasizes the importance of the Supreme Court in the 2020 election

With landmark Supreme Court cases scrawled on a whiteboard behind him, Bruce Murphy, professor of constitutional law at Lafayette, spoke from his home office over Zoom and emphasized to the audience of the importance of the Supreme Court in the United States and how it has changed over time. He opened the lecture with an […]

‘Students have really locked arms’: Goldstein, Diorio cautiously optimistic about violations of COVID guidelines

In a fall semester with COVID-19 outbreaks reported at colleges around the country, Lafayette remains an outlier with just six confirmed cases and no new cases since August 24. The majority of the 625 students residing on campus have followed the guidelines for safety, college officials said, while avoiding the most serious punishments like suspension […]