Depression at an all-time high

New study reports on concerning rates of mental health issues with freshmen College freshmen nationwide made national news this week due to the publication of a report titled The American Freshman: National Norms 2014 by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. The report, published annually, raised concerns about the mental health of incoming freshman, […]

Upper and Lower debut new look

Photo by Katherine Weeks ‘16 Upper’s renovation featured changes to the seating arrangements. ______________________________ Students were welcomed back to campus with changes to both Upper and Lower Farinon, which had been in progress since the end of last semester. Upper saw the most significant renovations, with new furniture, expanded seating, a burrito bar, and rearrangement […]

Pigeons Flock to Williams Center

Varied use of mediums in Pestel’s Requiem exhibit Photo by Willem Ytsma ‘16 Artist and musician Michael Pestel explores themes of extinction and destruction in his exhibition “Requiem, Ectopistes migratorius” at the Williams Center Gallery.  The exhibit will run through the semester, closing on December 13, 2014. Extopistes migratorius, more commonly known as the Passenger […]