Backstabbers: Scandal vs. House of Cards

Photos Courtesy of and The return of two popular political dramas, House of Cards and Scandal, has left me constantly comparing the two shows. Although both are about political insiders navigating a corrupt American political system, stylistically they could not be more different. House of Cards sells itself as a prestige drama, while Scandal […]

Robocop is a Cop, Robocop is a Robot …and he is coming back to town this year

Photo courtesy of The original Robocop (1987) was a rarity: an action blockbuster with a cult classic’s heart. The film reveled in cartoon violence, satirized the military-industrial complex, and examined the urban decay of Detroit. It was entertaining, but it also had deep things to say about violence and corporatism. Films that have things […]

Dallas Buyers Club’s bull market

Self-proclaimed film connoisseur, Patrick Larkin ‘14, discusses the evolution of the conversation of HIV/AIDS in film from the past 20 years. His review of Dallas Buyers Club draws parallels from the 1993 Jonathan Demme film, Philadelphia. Photo Courtesy of Voltage Pictures Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia (1993) was an unremarkable film that did one remarkable thing: it […]

Easton presents Supersize Me director

To kick off the Fifth Annual “Movies at the Mill” festival, Easton is bringing in a relatively big name. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, famous pop-documentary director known primarily for his Oscar-nominated debut film Supersize Me, will speak to kick off the proceedings. Spurlock will be leading a keynote seminar entitled “Getting the Film Made,” where Spurlock […]