Introducing Gavin: A Q&A with an openly gay Lafayette athlete

Photos by Tatiana Troxell ‘16   In last week’s edition of The Lafayette, the cover story “Coming Out: Michael Sam, Jesse Klug and the prospect of a gay athlete at Lafayette” examined Lafayette’s athletic community regarding a potentially openly gay athlete. Three days after the article was published, Gavin Studner ‘16, an openly gay varsity […]

Michael Sam, Jesse Klug and the prospect of a gay athlete at Lafayette

Graphic by Mari Otto ‘17 and Jaclyn Moses ‘17 On Sunday, Feb 9, Missouri football star and NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam announced that he was gay. The declaration could potentially make Sam the first openly gay active athlete to compete professionally in a “Big Four” American sport (football, baseball, basketball and hockey). Since then, […]

Against ASA: Byerly cements opposition to boycott of Israeli scholars

Controversy struck higher education on December 16 when the American Studies Association voted to boycott Israeli academic institutions. The move was made in an attempt to protest the country’s treatment of Palestinians, and subsequently provoked backlash from over 200 institutions across the country. While many of Lafayette’s members were oblivious to the announcement, some wondered […]

The People v. Ben Haggerty: Defending Macklemore

Photos Courtesy of and Macklemore’s gone through quite the week. After reaching the now-ignominious title of “most successful rapper in the 2013 Grammys” last Sunday, the Seattle-based rapper spent the past five or so days on the receiving end of internet backlash. The source of the backlash, of course, is his perceived ill-deserved […]

Mike’d Up: The emergence of Cam Newton and the best pickup basketball game ever

The Carolina Panthers sit at 7-3 in large part to the emergence of their former No. 1 overall draft pick. Kelley: Cam Newton… wildly talented but wildly immature. It seems as though, in his third season, that he has begun to solve the immaturity dilemma. Self-nicknamed “Ace Boogie”, Mr. Boogie appears to be the next […]

Kiss and tell

By Michael A. Kowaleski ‘14 & Sabrina Mastronardo ‘15 | Collaborative Writers Photos by Hana Isihara ‘17, Nicole Maselli ’14 and Ally Hill ‘15 How do students maneuver the tricky alleys of hookups at a small college? The Lafayette talked to four seniors to hear their stories. To protect their identities, pseudonyms have been assigned to each […]

Tamer Tees: Lack of variety in this year’s batch of Laf-Lehigh shirts

s far as Lafayette-Lehigh trash talk goes, it’s difficult to find a more rivalry-defining tradition than the annual t-shirt battle. But the 2013 set of Laf-Lehigh shirts will see a decline in variety. Four organizations—field hockey, Alternative School Break (ASB), the Marquis Student Players, and the Lafayette Initiative for Malagasy Education (LIME) will be selling […]

Mike’d Up: Bullying issues in Miami and church league suspension

The bullying case in the Dolphins’ organization has spurred debate among the NFL and its fans. Kelley: This situation becomes more interesting and increasingly stranger each day. Reports emerged on Tuesday night saying Miami coaches instructed Richie Incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin. Head coach Joe Philbin has maintained that he was unaware of the […]

Non Cur thawed: StuGov unfreezes funds

In an emailed press release written in Spanish, Non Cur Editor-in-Chief Noah Drauschak ‘16 announced that the controversial satire journal is back in business. The campus publication was mired in frozen funds after student government ordered changes to their constitution on Oct. 1. The changes included mandatory, moderated public forums and required signatures from Non […]