Owowcow Creamery brings a ‘unique’ craft of ice cream to Easton

First founded in 2009 at Upper Bucks County, Pa., Owowcow Creamery has opened another location at the Simon Silk Mill, which gives Easton residents and Lafayette students a reason to rejoice.  “Easton is definitely a foodie community, I think we are in good company,” Shira Tizer Wade said, the General Manager of Owowcow.  Owowcow opened their Easton […]

Kate Gilmore speaks on the importance of inclusivity in her work

Artist Kate Gilmore said that she fell in love with art as a means to communicate her thoughts and feelings. Gilmore visited Grossman Gallery, where her current art exhibition, “Kate Gilmore: In Your Way.”  Her exhibit is a collection of nine performance-based videos (2004-2014). Gilmore started to experiment with art in college, where she worked with […]

Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement on how literature taught her gratitude

By completing an assignment she was less than excited for in college, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Involvement Melissa Dalrymple found a new outlook on gratitude. At the time, Melissa was a senior at East Stroudsburg University and was going through the limitless stress that seniors normally undergo during their final year of college. […]