College revokes Bill Cosby’s honorary degree after conviction

In May 1996, Bill Cosby was awarded an honorary degree by Lafayette. In October 2015, President Alison Byerly called the allegations against Cosby “shocking, disappointing and appalling,” but added that revoking honorary degrees is a “technical question to do with college policy,” The Lafayette reported. Byerly added at the time that “Cosby receiving this award was […]

Letter from the Editor

My first year as editor-in-chief brought no shortage of news. From expansion, to alcohol use on campus, to sexual assault, to athletics, to artistic endeavors, to issues surrounding political discourse, to diversity and more, there was much ground to cover with a fast-approaching deadline. Nevertheless, editors, designers, photographers and writers were working tirelessly all year […]

Diversity committee strives for inclusivity: Measures including increasing all-gender bathrooms and use of preferred names

From the new all-gender labeling of 50 bathrooms on campus to a small change in the wording of the faculty handbook, the Diversity Faculty Committee has been at work this semester to make Lafayette more inclusive of underrepresented groups. Dean of Equity and Inclusion Chris Hunt said that the committee, which includes himself, has been […]

New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt ’05 wins two Pulitzers: articles on Bill O’Reilly settlements and Trump Administration recognized

New York Times reporters won the Pulitzer Prize in Public Service “[f]or explosive, impactful journalism that exposed powerful and wealthy sexual predators, including allegations against one of Hollywood’s most influential producers, bringing them to account for long-suppressed allegations of coercion, brutality and victim silencing, thus spurring a worldwide reckoning about sexual abuse of women.” Michael […]

Professor Van Dyck and Abdul Manan ’18 appear on Nigel Farage’s podcast after debate: both say they regret choices surrounding comments

After concluding his final debate with the former president of Mexico at Lafayette, Nigel Farage got to work recording a podcast on the debate series. Abdul Manan ’18, co-founder of the Mill Series, said that Farage approached him after the reception following the debate to speak on his podcast about the Mill Series and free […]

President Byerly gives talk on Victorian era interconnectedness between science and art

Most may think of virtual reality as a new concept—a futuristic, novel idea routed in gaming and technology. That wasn’t so in the Victorian era, as President Alison Byerly discussed in her talk on Tuesday. Byerly majored in English at Wellesley College and received her master’s and Ph.D. in the subject at University of Pennsylvania. […]

Nigel Farage and Vicente Fox engage in debate: nationalism, globalism and free speech addressed

In the weeks leading up to the debate between Nigel Farage and Vicente Fox, controversy brewed. Students, faculty and alumni expressed their concerns that what they see as Farage’s bigoted views did not align with the college’s values and created an unsafe environment for students of marginalized identities. Against the backdrop of this contentious lead-up, […]

Ambassador Bernicat ’75 speaks on experience at the college, service abroad: an interview with the commencement speaker

Marcia Bernicat ’75 has worked overseas for much of her adult life, as a member of the United States Foreign Service since the early 1980s and as an Ambassador to three countries over the course of her career: Senegal and Guinea-Bissau from 2008 to 2011 and Bangladesh since 2015. Before she embarked on her career, […]

Students and faculty tell administration Farage is a bigot, should not be debated: College says debate fights bigotry

As the debate to be held on April 6 approaches between former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, students and faculty are voicing their concerns about Farage and what they see as his anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and overall bigoted beliefs. “Bigotry is not up for debate,” said a sign that religious […]