A tool for prevention and rehabilitation: Panelists discuss role of education in criminal justice reform

In an effort to address the role of education in reforming the criminal justice system, Gerard Robinson, Dr. Allison Badgett, and Yusuf Dahl, Director of the Dyer Center, provided insights from their personal and professional experiences with the criminal justice system. The event drew a large crowd, filling the Dyer Center with Lafayette students and […]

OurCampus replaces LafSync as primary student activities portal

This semester, the college replaced LafSync, the old activity center used to provide students with information about campus events and organizations, with a new software called OurCampus. LafSync, which was under utilized by students, will be phased out this semester and replaced by the new platform to provide students with a “one-stop shop” for campus organizations. […]

Lafayette nationally ranked for diversity in engineering, students point to areas of continued improvement

Lafayette’s engineering program was recently recognized for demonstrating an exemplary commitment to diversity and inclusivity by the American Society for Engineering Education, nearly doubling the national average for representation of minority groups. According to the college’s website, the engineering program at Lafayette includes the participation of 36% female students, and 25% of students come from […]

One month after completion, Lafayette celebrates grand opening of Rockwell

The Lafayette community welcomed keynote speaker and professor of informatics at the University of Pennsylvania, Graciela Gonzalez Hernandez, as part of a week long celebration of homecoming weekend and the Grand Opening of Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center. An expert on health informatics and natural language processing with a background in computer science, Gonzalez’s research lies […]