Kelsey Moum smiling outside with her arms crossed.

Student Activist Spotlight: Kelsey Moum ’21 talks experience, education and everyday activism in her work

Kelsey Moum ’21 says that activism takes place in marches, protests and lobbying—but she believes change can happen in everyday settings, too. Moum said she has found that one of the best things she can do in the spaces she occupies is embody activism through individual relationships and in the groups she is part of. […]

Student Artist Spotlight: Kymble Clark ’22 on printmaking and self-portraiture as a means of communication and expression

Creating art is as significant and refreshing as taking a breath of fresh air, according to Kymble Clark ‘22, and it provides an outlet to explore self-identity and discover a relationship with gender that no other platform can supply. “[Art] is such a beautiful language in a way, not only to express yourself, but to […]

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‘Labels are merely labels’: Disabilities Awareness Week panel discusses ableism and allyship

“Nihil de nobis, sine nobis!” or, “nothing about us without us!” is a rallying cry among many disabled communities and their activists. Do not make decisions about us, they say, without our input. This past Tuesday, the Landis Center kicked off the college’s first annual Disabilities Awareness Week with a panel discussion on ableism and […]