Maria Bossert holding up a sign that reads "I farm to... honor the Earth and help provide access to fresh, healthy food for all!"

Rain or shine, Lafayette Food and Farm Cooperative blossoms

The Lafayette Food and Farm Cooperative (LaFFCo) works year-round to help students develop ecological citizenship with direct action involving food and agriculture. “In basic terms, LaFFCo is the student end of LaFarm,” LaFFCo president Maria Bossert ’23 said. “It’s mostly volunteer-based and also involves educational promotion and engaging the student body in issues about food […]

Review: ‘The Wedding Singer’ is a ‘colorful’ performance filled with humor, drama and enthusiasm

After watching a special performance of “The Wedding Singer” by the Marquis Players, it is difficult for me to imagine that the group has met any challenges this semester. The performance transcended the unpredictability of both COVID-19 and the weather in a way that brings the audience joy as they sit for an outdoor, in-person […]

H. MacKnight Black Poetry contest winner Mario Sanchez ’21 reflects on water, the soul, and his inspirations

Mario Sanchez ’21, winner of the 2021 H. MacKnight Black Poetry contest, wrote his winning poem about the symbolism of water and the transcendent nature of the human soul.  “The River (Body) Speaks” captures Sanchez’ obsession with rivers and bodies of water. “When I was a kid, I almost [accidentally] drowned several times,” Sanchez remarked. […]

Student Activist Spotlight: Milena Berestko ’22 reflects on international approach to social justice

Ever since she moved to the United States from Poland at the age of 15, Milena Berestko ’22 has made an effort to educate herself on topics of social justice issues like racism, homophobia and xenophobia. These efforts have strengthened Berestko’s identity as an activist, she said, on both sides of the Atlantic. “In the […]

Katie Rice portrait

Student Artist Spotlight: Katie Rice ’21 discusses music involvement and conducting experience at the college

When it comes to the arts at Lafayette, Katie Rice ’21 has nearly done it all. In the moments when she is not conducting or playing the saxophone in the pep and concert bands, singing in the concert and chamber choirs or pit directing for the Marquis Players, Rice may be found among the Arts […]

Hollis Ashby posing with jazz singer Cecile McLorin Salvant.

Williams Center artistic and executive director Hollis Ashby wins 2020 Presenter of the Year award

After organizing dozens of headline-grabbing performances throughout her lifetime, Hollis Ashby is now being recognized for achievements of her own. Ashby, the Artistic and Executive Director for the Williams Center of the Arts, recently received the 2020 Presenter of the Year award from North American Performing Arts Agents and Managers (NAPAMA). The award recognizes winners […]

Papermaking for a purpose: Jake Hoffner ’20 discusses formation of PardPaper and how it has adapted to the current virtual climate

For Jake Hoffner ’20, papermaking is not only a long-time hobby but also a way to stay connected to his alma mater in a unique and sustainable way. Hoffner began making paper back in high school while looking for DIY science projects to do at home. When he stumbled across papermaking, he found that it […]

Hafizah Geter challenges typical perceptions of the literary canon through her poetry

Hafizah Geter believes the literary canon is “illegitimate.” “The canon of American literature allows marginalized voices to exist in opposition to it, never beside it…Blackness in opposition to and after whiteness, femininity in opposition to and after masculinity,” Geter explains in her essay, “On Boundary Constructs & Invisibility.” This past Tuesday, as part of the […]

Jean Corrie Poetry Prize winner reflects on meaninglessness and sacred human connection in poem ‘Psalm for Claire Fisher’

For Jean Corrie Poetry Prize winner Maya Nylund ’23, poetry hasn’t always been her preferred medium. Yet she finds that when compulsive feelings arise, she cannot ignore the organic words that simmer out of her. These compulsive moments, over which she said she has no control, are her “most painful and frustrating and important [ones],” […]

Five new student groups bring opportunities for virtual semester and beyond

Being hundreds of miles apart has not stopped Lafayette students from coming together. Five new student-led organizations that debuted last spring just prior to the coronavirus shutdown or over the summer are back and ready to make an impact after receiving official recognition by the college this fall. The organizations cover a wide range of […]

Student Artist Spotlight: Empowerment through music: Emily Emick ’20 reflects on singing, conducting experiences

For Emily Emick ’20, music is a way to express herself. And the lessons she has learned through her experiences singing and conducting at the college have not only expressed her genuine love for classical music – they have given her an opportunity to find her place as a leader. A classically trained soprano, Emick […]