Salsa club celebrates Latin culture with a familial feel, experiences recent growth in popularity

How did the college’s salsa club grow from a few members to dozens of eager participants in just a few years? The answer, its members might say, is all in the rhythm.  The salsa club performs several times a year and offers three different classes for its members: Bachata, Beginner Salsa, and Intermediate Salsa. Classes […]

Almost four years after opening, Easton Public Market remains focused on community values and fresh cuisine

The Easton Public Market is known as a trendy and vibrant spot to grab a bite to eat downtown, take a cooking class and buy farm-fresh produce. However, the market’s contributions to the community have extended far beyond its doors on Northampton Street.  The market opened in April 2016 as a project of the Greater […]

‘Book of Delights’ by Ross Gay ’96 inspires art exhibition exploring vulnerability and perspective

While writer Ross Gay ‘96 is accustomed to demonstrating his ideas through his writing, he and the college are taking a new approach through the visual exhibition “Passing Bittersweet” which incorporates several of the themes and lessons from Ross’s 2019 “Book of Delight”. The exhibition opened Jan. 9 and is open to visitors in the […]

The man behind the Barge Problem: Professor Jonathon Bloom contributes to long history of providing math challenges

For math professor Jonathon Bloom, Sunday mornings sometimes look a little out of the ordinary. He wakes up early, gets a cup of coffee in downtown Easton, and writes a creative story… centered around a math problem. Bloom, who has written the college’s historic Barge Problem since 2017, is the most recent professor to lead […]

‘Messages of love, peace, unity’: Zimbabwean a cappella group Nobuntu exhibits unique style, sound

Nobuntu is a female a cappella quintet from Zimbabwe and, notably, the first all-female Imbubu a cappella group in the world. The group performed at the college this past Tuesday, sharing their passion for music and their culture in a colorful production, with each of the five group members wearing traditional clothing from five different […]

‘The beginning of change’: new exhibition at Sigal Museum shares stories from traditionally marginalized communities

How would it feel to arrive in Philadelphia all alone in the year 1901? What would it be like to migrate from the South to Easton, Pennsylvania in the midst of Jim Crow America? At the Easton Sigal Museum, just a short walk from campus, visitors can immerse themselves in these experiences and many others […]

Screenwriter Mark Poirier discusses creative process, ‘thinking about characters in an organic way’

For screenwriter and fiction writer Mark Poirier, understanding characters before developing any sort of story premise is the key to his creative writing process. This past Monday, Poirier spoke to students and faculty about his experience in the film industry. Poirier has written several original screenplays for movies including “Smart People,” starring Dennis Quaid, Ellen […]

A ‘conversation of the moment’: Legendary artists Wendy Whelan and Maya Beiser to perform at the college next Wednesday

“Life is gone in a second,” said dancer Wendy Whelan. “But let’s explore this moment together as fully present as we can for this hour.” Whelan will accompany cellist Maya Beiser for a performance at the Williams Center for the Arts next Wednesday, November 6. Their performance, “The Day”, is a fusion of music and […]

‘Social impact’ through the arts: Ballet Hispánico dance company to perform tonight

“Art allows us to speak without words,” said Eduardo Vilaro, artistic director and CEO of Ballet Hispánico. “It allows us to be in a space that removes everything we’ve been given by society, by our communities.” Ballet Hispánico, recognized as America’s leading Latino dance organization according to their website, will bring their fusion of dance […]

Looking to the past to create a ‘better future’: Queer Archives Project shares alumni stories of ‘bravery’

In 1992, the Princeton Review named Lafayette College the number one most homophobic college in America. Now, faculty and students are working hard to change that narrative by sharing stories of queer-identifying alumni from their experiences in college and afterwards. The Queer Archives Project (QAP) launched last April after years of preparation. The project is […]

The inevitable development of artificial intelligence: Kevin Kelly discusses future of technology, implications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly developing, and humans don’t have a choice in the matter. However, Kevin Kelly said humans do “have a tremendous amount of choice in developing the character, the policies, the nature of it [and] who owns it.” This past Tuesday, Kelly discussed the current and future roles that AI will have […]

Constitution Day film screening ‘On the Basis of Sex’ celebrates gender equality progress

Government & Law students and faculty celebrated Constitution Day by reflecting upon advancements in equality under the law through watching, “On the Basis of Sex,” sponsored by the government and law department, the Kirby government and law society and women in law. The movie documents the United State’s current Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth […]