Paper Playlist: Creepin’ it real

CREEPIN’ IT REAL. Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Don’t cry, it’s only your musical sherpas back again with a ~spooky~ playlist. We are creepin’ it real with this Halloween-inspired playlist. Many of the following songs have creepy and spooky undertones that make us internally scream. Let your inner soul experience these chilling and thrilling […]

Paper Playlist: Songs that are fake

*Shelby approaches Emma, sitting peacefully in the library.* Shelby: Hey, Emma! What’re you listening to? Emma: Oh, nothing, just Same Drugs. Shelby: Awesome! I love Chance the Rapper! So hip! Emma: SHELBY YOU BUFFOON, IT’S THE COVER BY MISTERWIVES. Shelby: That’s FAKE. This week is all about raising awareness for fake songs. What’s more fake than a […]

Paper Playlist: Songs that go through puberty

SONGS THAT WENT THROUGH PUBERTY. This week, our playlist focuses on those songs that you listen to, and halfway through, you ask yourself if it’s the same song. Most of the songs on our playlist have unassuming beginnings – a little creepy, a little haunting – but soon build into rocking masterpieces. Emma: This week, I’m going with “Little Black […]