Posse holds first ever on-campus retreat: Micro-aggressions and coded language discussed

Coming from a lower class neighborhood in Brooklyn to Lafayette’s predominately white campus, Mikai Harris ‘19 knew her life would be different. She said she expected prejudices, a difficult time in communicating with her white counterparts and hardship in finding a group she in which she belonged. What Harris did not expect to experience was the Posse Foundation, […]

New steps for student support: Task force holds open meetings for campus input

At an open meeting held by the Student Support Task Force Monday, about 14 students made their voices heard about faculty and peer advising, Lafayette’s party culture, and more general ways that Lafayette can better support incoming students transitioning into college. The meeting was one of three being held this semester by Dean of Faculty […]

Norovirus plagues campus: Classes cancelled for the next two days

President Alison Byerly wrote to students and staff at approximately 4:45 p.m. this afternoon informing them that the college is officially canceling all classes and shutting down student activities until Monday due to the campus-wide spread of norovirus. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, norovirus causes inflammation to the stomach, intestines, or […]

Spree of thefts leaves students uneasy: Crime log lists seven thefts in two weeks and more go unreported

Anna Pohoryles ‘19 put her wallet down in Upper Farinon to mark her seat before getting breakfast last Saturday morning. It contained her ATM card, her license, about $50 to $60 and some gift cards. When she came back less than five minutes later, the wallet was gone. “At first I thought it was just me being […]

Rejecting the vaccine controversy: Dr. Paul Offit debunks myths about autism

World-renowned biologist, pediatrician and advocate of childhood immunizations Paul Offit sat calmly in the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights Library, making candid conversation with his interviewer before the camera started rolling. A flurry of students and faculty rushed to adjust his microphone, shut the doors and fix the lighting. They were running slightly behind schedule. […]

Nationwide events prompt forum on race

Student-led discussions open conversation on campus About 400 students and faculty members gathered on Nov. 18 in Farinon atrium for an open forum discussion. The focus of the forum, according to Dean of Intercultural Development John McKnight, was two words: race and racism. Following recent incidents of racism at University of Missouri (Mizzou), Yale University, […]