Andy Warhol and Byzantine art: Warhol expert tells of painter’s hidden inspiration

Andy Warhol’s iconically vibrant portraits have an unexpected inspiration: in Byzantine icons, according to Warhol expert Thomas Kiedrowski. Kiedrowski said that, as a child, Warhol often attended St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church where he was surrounded by Byzantine religious icons, often depicting saints, Christ and Mary. These icons influenced much of Warhol’s artwork, which Kiedrowski displayed throughout […]

Artist Jessica Echevarria showcases work in Easton: Show on display at Connexions Gallery

Jessica Echevarria’s artwork, with bright colors and blurred lines, is rife with human emotion. “I generally draw inspiration from facial expressions, body language and social interaction,” Echevarria said. On Saturday, her paintings, drawings and prints went on display at Connexions Gallery in Easton. The display, called “Jessica Echevarria: Sooner or Later,” runs through Mar. 19. “Showing my work […]