Refined flavors and ‘creative nostalgia’: State Café is a brunch must

Even with its tall old-school vertical sign, a passerby could potentially miss the otherwise unassuming Easton staple located across the street from the State Theatre. However, just ask anyone on campus where to go for a celebratory breakfast or a fun brunch, and someone will certainly mention State Café. After opening the thick wooden door, […]

Ethnic food in Easton: a global culinary tour of downtown

Daddy’s Place-Lebanese, Mediterranean This Lebanese restaurant has become a staple of the Easton restaurant scene since it opened its doors in 2014.  It is a family-owned establishment that serves up delicious classics such as lamb shawarma, kababs, and falafel. Don’t forget to start with some excellent hummus or grape leaves.  Whether you are a fan […]

With a sense of simplicity and creativity, Bolete is a ‘memorable culinary experience’

Because Lafayette is a little over an hour from New York and Philadelphia, it is hard to find a fine dining restaurant that can compete with those set in large foodie capitals. However, Bolete, just twenty minutes from campus, attracts foodies from all over the region to eat at the 200-year-old stone farmhouse.  Bolete is […]

An ‘Americanized take on Mexican cuisine’: Mesa challenges tradition, offers a ‘satisfying experience’

If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, you may not find it at Mesa. Instead, you can expect a blend of American and Mexican tastes that create a great dining experience. When waiters bring the guacamole out and mix it tableside in a fancy mortar and pestle, you might feel that you stumbled into […]