Netflix Review: A series that is necessary: ‘When They See Us’ provides an emotional journey

I had heard the whispers among my friends and scrolled through the internet threads about a story hitting the world in shock waves, titled “When They See Us” – a Netflix series.  “When They See Us,” created by director Ava DuVernay, depicts the story of the Exonerated Five, formerly known as the Central Park Five. […]

Keynote speaker Dr. Yusef Salaam reminds community of resilience in the face of adversity

As Black History Month is celebrated this month along with Criminal Justice Awareness Week, the Office of Intercultural Development, Association of Black Collegians (ABC), and many other student organizations, came together to invite activist, poet, public speaker, and one of the Exonerated Five of the 1989 Central Park Jogger case, Dr. Yusef Salaam, to campus […]

Anticipated season 2 of ‘Sex Education’ shines with spot-on commentary and character development

We are all aware of the raunchy, unrealistic representation of sex plastered across TV screens. From depicting sex as an animalistic, booze-filled adventure or a painfully awkward sad encounter, TV shows and movies have continuously missed the mark of what sex looks like and what sexual health entails. Enter season 2 of “Sex Education,” the […]

Netflix Review: Uninspiring and unoriginal, ‘The Perfect Date’ rehashes Netflix’s familiar formula

Netflix sure loves soppy teen romance. “The Perfect Date,” starring Noah Centineo of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” Laura Marano of “Austin and Ally,” and Camilla Mendes of “Riverdale,” combines young Hollywood’s recognizable faces into a plain, unoriginal film about teenage drama. Playing on Hollywood classism tropes, Brooks Rattigan, Noah Centineo, is from a […]

Music to nourish the mind: Kevin Hutchinson ’20 champions conscious rap and musical therapy

“Music is the medicine that replaces all other medicines,” said Kevin Hutchinson ’20, alias Poetik Kindle.  Sitting calmly and coolly in a laid-back chair, Hutchinson relayed his love for music and his connection to the world. For Hutchinson, listening to music is much more than popping in ear buds and bobbing your head to the […]

Netflix review: With ‘hormone monsters’ and awkwardness, Netflix’s ‘Big Mouth’ is a relatable teenage trip

We all remember the cystic zits and uncontrollable angst of our adolescence. Scientists have determined our young prefrontal cortex is not fully developed during our teenage years, which explains our poor decision-making. However, during puberty, the experience for us was much more complex than a pubescent brain structure. Netflix’s “Big Mouth” shows all the complexity […]

A tribute to peace: ‘Peace Paper Project’ encourages archiving personal history through paper-making

Art has been used as a therapeutic practice for centuries. From using art to reconcile with war to creating masterpieces based on historical tragedies, the act of creating changes the way one copes with experience. The “Peace Paper Project” believes in this opportunity to create beauty from the horrific; magic, the pain. Peace Paper Project […]

Black Girl Magic sparkles again: Netflix’s ‘Nappily Ever After’ is the hair representation we’ve been looking for

I remember the burning smell of roasted keratin and crispy hair follicles. The stink of a hot comb and the worrying that you may look down to see your afro on the floor is one that many young black girls have experienced. “Your hair is soooo pretty and longggg!” all the girls would say after […]

‘In Your Way’: an ode to bad-ass women: Kate Gilmore exhibits her powerful line of work

Gendered perceptions of strength and authority have sustained a conversation behind generations of artwork, music and powerful performances depicting strong female protagonists. Conversations and disagreements have made headlines for years and in this riveting era of new voices, Kate Gilmore joins the many women prepared for the uphill battle. Kate Gilmore is a Washington, D.C. […]

‘Sierra Burgess is a Loser’ is another flop by Netflix following ‘Insatiable’

Netflix is on a roll—a roll of creating terrible content. As “Insatiable” checked off the lists of what not to do for entertainment, “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” continues the competition to annoy as many people as possible. From terrible trans-phobia to glamorizing emotional manipulation, Sierra Burgess may, in fact, be a loser, but not […]