Expanding access: Markle Hall will be renovated to meet needs of people with disabilities

Markle Hall is set to undergo renovations this summer, which will improve its accessibility for people with disabilities. The renovations will include a new wheelchair-accessible elevator, according to President Alison Byerly, along with gender-neutral bathrooms. Although there is already an elevator in Markle, she said it is not big enough for a wheelchair. Markle is the first of […]

Make baseball fun again: America’s pastime faces pressure to make chages

“Make baseball fun again.” These words were embroidered on last year’s Major League Baseball MVP Bryce Harper’s hat after the first game of the season. By directly referencing Donald Trump’s popular political campaign, one of the league’s biggest names brought to the forefront an important issue in baseball today: Not enough is being done to evolve the game. […]

Never forget: lessons learned from the Holocaust: Hillel surveys students for Holocaust Remembrance Week

What would you do if you were suddenly torn away from your home, separated from your family and treated with unimaginable cruelty, all on account of your religious faith? This was like one of the many questions asked of respondents in an informal, non-scientific survey conducted by Lafayette Hillel Society in Farinon as part of Holocaust Remembrance Week at […]

Mind the gap: Representation and salary disparities between male and female professors

Prompted by faculty concerns of potentially unequal wages between men and women employees, Professor of Economics and chair of the Faculty Compensation Committee Chris Ruebeck put together a report for Lafayette faculty dealing with two main issues of the gender wage gap: representation and salary. According to data published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, male full professors […]

Art for the environment: Artist Brandon Ballengée responds to ecological disasters

Sometimes aspects of the environment inspire artists. Brandon Ballengée uses art to return the favor, inspiring people to partake in environmental conservation. On Tuesday, New York artist, environmental activist and marine scientist Brandon Ballengée was invited to the Williams Center Art Gallery to present his multidisciplinary investigation of the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 […]

The best of the worst: “Allegiant”- a slight improvement on a terrible franchise

“Allegiant,” the third film in the “Divergent” series of young adult film adaptations, is one of the worst films ever made by human hands, containing almost no substance, acting that varies from being unbearably bad to depressingly horrid, writing that is about as compelling as a legal brief for a parking ticket and some of the worst fight […]

Mexico in color: Skillman exhibit highlights cultural heroes and national tragedies

On the north wall of Skillman Library, 17 pictures are posted. Their colors hold a sharp contrast to the more muted tones of the library walls. And although their colors may be loud, the messages the exhibition communicates are even louder. The library is playing host to a collection of art by New York-based Mexican artist Patricia Espinoza […]