No resolution expected on impeachment: Zimmerman speaks out about the process

With the semester wrapping up, the impeachment process of current Student Government President Mary Zimmerman ’21 is expected to conclude without a final resolution. Members of the Student Government executive board attribute the inability to conclude the proceedings to timing issues, the unprecedented nature of the event as well as conflicting opinions from the student […]

Michael Raynor ’84 earns dual nomination as ambassador to Senegal and Guinea-Bissau

Michael Raynor ‘84 was recently nominated by the Biden administration to serve as ambassador to both Senegal and The Republic of Guinea-Bissau. He is a career diplomat and has served as ambassador to Benin under the Obama administration and ambassador to Ethiopia under the Trump administration. “He’s done very well for career foreign service officers, […]

Executive board candidates emphasize need for transparency prior to election

There is little doubt about who will be on the Student Government Association (SGA) executive board next year, with all 11 candidates currently running unopposed. This mirrors the presidential elections last week as Flor De Maria Caceres Godoy ’22 won the presidency without opposition. The elections, originally slated for April 15 through April 17, have […]

Zimmerman impeachment process begins after four months in limbo

Student Government President Mary Zimmerman ’21 had a motion of impeachment brought against her last Thursday, following initial impeachment charges made in November. In a statement posted Wednesday evening, the Student Government Association (SGA) elaborated on the details of the proceedings but declined to explain the reason for the charges. According to the statement, the […]

‘The conversation doesn’t stop here’: LANDIS Center hosts discussion on ICE and the treatment of immigrants

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), eugenics, the sterilization of ICE detainees, and the history behind the treatment of immigrants were all discussed last Tuesday at a virtual event hosted by Landis Center’s MOSAIC Tutoring Team.  The discussion was moderated by Jonathan Sosa-Ponce ‘21 and included Karina Fuentes, assistant director of intercultural development, Flor De Maria […]

Court-packing, gender and hypocrisy: Students activists and faculty discuss Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination

With just over two weeks to the general election, the nation’s attention has been focused almost exclusively on the presidency. But the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court has forced many student activists and professors to divert their attention. Hearings for Barrett’s appointment began […]

Lafayette Votes coalition hosts discussion to inform students on voter mobilization in the general election

With the general election fast approaching, the Lafayette Votes initiative held a voter mobilization event on Wednesday which explained how to mobilize friends, why voter mobilization is crucial, and how mobilization has changed due to COVID- 19. Moderated by Fah Fair ’22 and led by Government and Law professor Andrew Clarke, Lafayette Votes is a […]