Women in STEM Week celebrates diversity of experiences

Women who pursue degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) often face struggles due to these disciplines being sometimes overwhelmingly male-dominated. Shira Wein ’19, a computer science major, said she can attest to some of these struggles. “I’ve often questioned my own abilities and my path in STEM, but studying computer science […]

Greek Life Committee aims to understand community perceptions of chapters

In an effort to assess the opinions of both affiliated and unaffiliated students surrounding Greek life, the Greek life committee of student government conducted a survey this past month and plans on using the results to direct efforts next semester. Director of the Greek life committee Olivia Sharp ’20 said this survey is a beginning […]

Erica Edwards discusses the ‘War on Terror’s’ lasting effects on discourse, African American literature

When the “War on Terror” is discussed, conversations tend to circulate within geopolitical theory and focus on national security concerns, mass surveillance and the invasion of privacy rights, as well as democratization of the Middle East. African American literature and English professor Erica Edwards, however, looks at the War on Terror through the new lens […]

Increased student interest and passion drives expansion of Italian Studies program

Much like the Italian Renaissance itself, Lafayette’s Italian Studies program is experiencing a rebirth. The interdisciplinary program, which has existed at the college for more than six years, is being expanded by Professor Anthony Cummings, professor of music and the coordinator for Italian Studies. The Italian Studies minor, which currently consists of three core classes […]