TV Review: ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is an ode to passion, wisdom and femininity

Some say that genius and madness walk the same path. I don’t believe that. I dare to say that genius and madness are the same, just used interchangeably by some persons and not the others depending on their established norms. Many might think that swallowing a handful of tranquilizers to play chess on the ceiling, the game […]

Review: ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ twists the meaning of time – and the complexities of relationships

What if time was not a chronological straight line but a series of events without any meaningful sequence? Last month, Netflix released the long-awaited “I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” written and directed by Charlie Kaufman. The movie presents Lucy, played by Jessie Buckley, is an intellectual feminist whose wit and beliefs are often threatening to […]

Students discuss importance of Black Heritage Month, events planned to celebrate

February is Black Heritage Month, a time designated to celebrate the African diaspora. This year, the theme for the college’s celebration is unapologetic. The Office of Intercultural Development organized an array of events in collaboration with student leaders including a number of talks and a dance. “This year’s events give other [non-Black] students the opportunity […]

‘My studio is in my body. I contain my practice’: Clifford Owens talks about complexity in his works

A renowned artist interested in the intersection of performance, photography and race, Clifford Owens spoke about the complexities of his work and the motivations behind some of his pieces such as “Anthology” (2012), which was exhibited at the MoMA PS1. “Photography is my love. Performance art is a melancholic mistress. Sometimes I bring them two […]

Poet, journalist, podcast host Al Letson urges audience to ‘do something extraordinary’

At his talk Tuesday afternoon, Al Letson opened up about his journey: from realizing his true passion to making a career out of it. He is a poet, playwright, journalist, podcast and radio host for Reveal: From the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. Letson won the Peabody Award in 2014 and three consecutive National Edward […]

Preview: ‘The Nature of Forgetting’ explores memory loss, its impact on those who experience it

“What is left when memory is gone? What makes memory still alive even though we lost [it all]?” Those are the the questions that Guillaume Pige hopes that “The Nature of Forgetting” answers. Pige said that if there is one thing he hopes the audiences takes away from the play, it’s that “the realization that […]