Shored Up: When human nature and the force of nature collide

Photo courtesy of Director Ben Kalina screened his 2013 documentary “Shored Up” on Tuesday, a film about whether or not the rise of sea level and coastline disintegration can continue to be ignored. Kalina’s focus in the documentary was on the eastern seaboard, particularly the effects on New Jersey and North Carolina. As coastal […]

Where Should the Birds Fly?

Photo courtesy of A look into filmmaker Fida Qishta’s process in making her influential documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s effects on the citizens of Gaza Fida Qishta is a Palestinian filmmaker and director of “Where Should the Birds Fly,” the first film about Gaza made by Palestinians, who live the reality of Israel’s siege and […]

Printmaking as digitization

Original Musashi prints By Kristina Beaudouin ‘17 and Anastasia Gayol Cintron ‘17 Colloborative Writers Photo by Austin Drucker ’17 While Atsuhiko Musashi’s exhibit in the Williams Visual Arts Building titled “The Film of Painting,” showcases his superior work in the realm of experimental printmaking, the exhibit was severely lackluster. With the prior knowledge Musashi expertise […]

Glow of pard

Lafayette has closed the paint-can lids on another “PardGlow” event at March Field last Friday, September 12. The weather was good, the students were excited, and the paint was fortunately a bit more watered down than it had been in previous years. Overall, the success and entertainment of Lafayette’s campus-sponsored events is great. However, this […]